Friday, June 16, 2006

FLESH, INK. FRIDAY - Lothar Potzl

This week, Flesh, Ink. Friday is pleased to bring you the work of German bodypainter and artist, Lothar Potzl. Lothar has been creating his unique visions for the past twelve years, and is largely inspired by his models and visions within his head, rather than relying on outside catalysts. He creates a majority of his work spontaneously in his studio.

As you can tell from the examples here, Potzl's work is varied in style, but he essentially uses techniques of the traditional painter, with additional elements provided by the use of airbrush painting. While he has created hundreds of different images, Potzl maintains that his imagination is not yet drained, and that he is continually reinvigorated by the new models with whom he works.

Potzl is most interested in moving his subjects prominently into the foreground of his work, although he does employ various background which work to meld the entire image into a solid piece of art.

As always, please take time to look through Lothar Potzl's imaginative and creative gallery - be aware that in addition to the main gallery, there is a section reserved for series of artworks created with various models, as well.

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