Friday, April 28, 2006


TomKat's Scientological spawn has been set loose on an unsuspecting world. Britney may be preparing to unleash yet another little monster (Oops - she did it again! How will she drive with TWO on her lap?). There's Brangelina's African Adventure, Gwyneth and Moses.... There are blogs that now focus only on celebrity births - ack! Babies, babies, babies... it seems like they're everywhere! Why, even yours truly is the proud owner of the newest, latest, model.

In short, pregnancy is hip these days.

Beyond the celebrity overexposure and "marketing" of pregnancy, the actual act of pregnancy and birth is a truly incredible, miraculous, and beautiful event. Our newly-refound and good friend over at Pyreflies Over Zanarkand is about to experience the joyous miracle herself.

And so this week's FLESH, INK., FRIDAY is dedicated to Meghan, with the hopes that maybe she'll add just one more thing on her to-do list.

EMBODY is run by Julia Laderman in England, and offers pregnant women an opportunity to truly celebrate their life force in a beautifully artistic and creative way. There are many others who paint women's bellies during their pregnancies, but the work of EMBODY is the first that we've chosen to highlight here at PTF, as her work is truly inspiring.

Her work has been featured in various newspapers, magazines, as well as by BBC, and as always, we trust that you'll take a look at her gallery and experience the artistry that Julia Laderman helps other women embody.

So, whaddaya think, Meghan?

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  • Blogger Meghan posted at 1:18 AM  
    There's nothing I would love more than to add getting naked and being painted all over to my "to do" list!

    Though, it looks like I'd have to fly to England... and we all know I can't add that to my "to do" list.

    I love EMBODY'S work. Perhaps I need to find someone over here who's savvy with the body paints before I pop... ;]

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