Friday, January 20, 2006

FLESH, INK. FRIDAY - Anthony Chiappin/Andrew Dunbar

Anthony Chiappin (painter) and Andrew Dunbar (photographer) collaborated together on this set of thirty works entitled "New Body of Art." According to the Artist's Statement, "The use of colour allows a sense of the unreal ~ the images are so overstated that the effect is overwhelming: the pieces appear to be quintessentially postmodern in their expression of the cross-cultural assembling of iconic influences in a tribalistic setting."

I'm not a big fan of face painting for novelty sake, but with artists such as Chiappin, there is an attempt to use the body not only as a canvas, but as a structural sculpture. It is difficult to recognize specific body parts in the work, as all becomes part of the whole artistic image.

Work like this takes "Pressing The Flesh" to a whole new level of expression. Take a look at all of the images, and enjoy!

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