Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Republicans Blocking The Vote

While others encourage us to Rock The Vote, why is it that Congress is afraid to simply vote on where they stand relative to the Bush Administration's plan to escalate the war in Iraq?

If you support the President, have the courage to go on the record as such. If not, then get out of the way and vacate the seat for someone else who will actually take a position.

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US and North Korea Reach Agreement

North Korea has agreed to shut down its nuclear reactors within sixty days and to dismantle its atomic weapons program in exchange for fuel aid.

And how was it reached, you might ask? Through diplomacy. Pressing The Flesh, as it were. Not through threats. Not through violence. Not through threats of violence.

Hmmm.... diplomacy. An interesting concept. It's not easy, and it's not always pretty. But disputes are rarely, if ever, solved entirely through the use of force. Eventually, it always comes down to diplomacy.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

PTF - Broken News: Anna Nicole Smith

I hesitate to post this, as there are MANY more stories worth talking about right now, but the name of the blog IS "Pressing The FLESH"... and, well.... she had a lot of it.

Anna Nicole Smith died today. You can read all the details for yourself.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Brief and Personal

While I just said in an earlier post that I wouldn't go too personal with my new postings, I had a request from one of my favorite West Coast readers/commenters to include just a little bit of info., and so I wanted to include a brief glimpse.

As many of you know, I teach theatre at a college here on the East Coast, and in addition to my free-lance work, I direct two productions a year here.

The current show I'm working on is a musical entitled SIX WOMEN WITH BRAIN DEATH, or EXPIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW.

Yes, it's crazy. Yes, it's got to be seen to be believed. If you want more information about it, feel free to visit my other blog, The World Of Brain Death, which is charting our process/progress through the production. And if you happen to be in the neighborhood, please feel free to let me know, and I'll make sure to get you in to see the show!

The other request I had was to post some photos of the young 'uns.... here they are:

If you've got a request, feel free to request away!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

If He Keeps This Up, No One WIll Want Him....

Lieberman swears that he will side more often than not with Democrats, and yet if he keeps this up, Democrats won't want him, and neither will the Republicans.

Today, Lieberman proposed that Congress should consider an additional tax to fund the war on terrorism. According to the Reuters article, Lieberman is quoted as stating:
"When you put together the (Pentagon) budget and the Homeland Security budgets, we need to ask people to help us in a way that they know when they pay more it will go for their security,"
Maybe this could be considered as an "elective tax" for those who want to find a way to funnel more of their money into the war effort.

Three things are clear, however: most Americans didn't receive any real form of tax relief from Bush's cherished tax cuts to begin with - those cuts only rewarded those with the highest incomes.

Secondly, a vast majority of Americans don't support the Bush Administration's handling of the war effort to begin with - and certainly aren't going to jump at the chance to have more money siphoned away toward the failed plan.

Third, if Lieberman continues like this, he will find that neither Democrats nor Republicans will be welcoming him. Dems obviously don't like his stance on his support for Bush. I'm sure Republicans won't like his fancy new idea about creating new taxes.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Molly Ivins

Regular readers of PTF will know the love affair that I had/have for Molly Ivins. I was devastated, then, to hear that Molly lost her battle with breast cancer yesterday. She was 62.

Her sharp sense of humor, as well as her dead-on political analysis, will be missed by millions of her devoted readers.

I lost my mother to breast cancer, and have another very close friend who is fighting (and winning) her battle with breast cancer.

If you ever enjoyed the writing or insight of Molly Ivins, consider making a small donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in her honor today.

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BREAKING NEWS: Bush Lied... Again.

Bush orders 20,000 troops in his plan for the "surge"? A plan that met with sketicism at best, and bipartisan rejection in reality.

Well, today a CBO Report was leaked that showed the number growing to as many as 48,000 troops. In addition, while Bush requested $5.6 billion to pay for his miserable plan, CBO reports that the "surge" will cost anywhere between $9 and $13 billion dollars... and that's if the deployment lasts for four months. If they are there for a year, the number skyrockets to somewhere between $20 and $27 billion dollars.

Is anyone surprised?

UPDATE: Casey says that only half the troops Bush requested would be necessary to complete the mission.

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PTF Re-Boot

Personal life sometimes interferes with passion for blogging, and rather than go into the gory details (this is, after all, a largely non-personal-life-based blog... we all know there are more of those in the blogosphere than we actually need), suffice to say that your humble FleshPresser is back.

In an effort to make PTF a bit more user-friendly for you - kind reader - as well as to allow me the opportunity to regularly post, I'm going to try a new, briefer format with links for you to read the stories and accessing the information that I am.

I'll still write my longer-form commentary from time to time, but this will allow us all to keep in touch on a more regular basis.

I encourage the longer form of commentary/debate/exchange of ideas to take place within the comments area of PTF.

But after all, sometimes Pressing The Flesh is as simple as a brief handshake or a knowing glance from across the room... right?

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