Friday, January 13, 2006


Nothing better than finding some body art with a political edge. Rich Diltz, of Second Skin Images, has found a way to combine the two by using political pinups as inspiration for more current political sentiment.

Rich says of his work, "It is about transformation, truth versus illusion, the fragility of the moment, the limits of the imagination, and the amazing variety of beauty and power. Body painting is one of our most ancient art forms and one of our most basic. To be able to participate in this act, to see the effect of the transformation on the model is an incredible experience."

Make sure you check out all of his galleries in addition to the political pinups. My favorite is "Chipping Away."Previously on FLESH, INK. FRIDAY - 1/6/06: Flesh and Color

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  • Blogger Eve posted at 1:02 AM  
    Hi Fleshy!!

    Thanks for dropping by my bloggy blog. Naked anti-Bush campaigning is tha MUST. We shall be friends... ;)

  • Blogger Ranando posted at 10:12 AM  
    Great post and great art.

    The Ranando Report

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