Tuesday, January 10, 2006

As The Senators Spin....

See if this angle on Members of Congress involved with Jack Abramoff doesn't gain traction once the Alito hearings are over and the Abramoff scandal moves back to the front burner. Our spin this evening is brought to you courtesy of former Senator Alan Simpson on Hardball:

MATTHEWS: Anyway, let‘s go to Alan Simpson, former senator from Wyoming, a good friend of this show.

Senator Simpson, do you want to explain this in the context—let me ask you what you know about this case and where it‘s headed.

FMR. SEN. ALAN SIMPSON (R-WY): To me, it is a case of wretched excess, and I think Jim or both of the panelists talking about staff, let me tell you, the members have no idea when the staff member is taken down to a place like Signatures and given a bottle of Opus One and caviar and lobster, and then two weeks later you see this nut sitting in front of you and your staff guy comes in and you say why am I visiting with this guy? well I know him and he‘s a good egg and you need to talk to him.

But I‘ll tell you, I don‘t feel sorry for Jack at all. Big cars, big money, and big heads, that‘s what happens to them. It really is about greed and arrogance, and to think what he took. I mean, if his whole package of compensation was $300,000 over those years, nobody would be talking.

But what he did here, to Indian tribes, these are the people we read about in every type of publication, alcoholism, diabetes, poverty, and sucking that kind of money out of them, this guy has got to be crass and coarse to pull that one off. That‘s the part of this one that stinks.
Cute, isn't it? These Members of Congress are so intelligent and dynamic that we vote them into office, only to find out that they're clueless, bumbling idiots who don't know anything and aren't able to tell right from wrong unless their staffers brief them on it. "It wasn't my fault. My staff led me astray."

Huh. Who'd a' thunk it?

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