Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hook'em Horns!!!

OK... I'll be honest here - I'm not a HUGE college football fan. That disclaimer aside, I'll mention a few things I love:

* The city of Austin;
* Cheering for underdogs (especially when said underdogs are on a 19 game winning streak);
* Championship Games - I rarely follow a season of baseball, but will watch the World Series religiously;
*great dramatic storylines (the saga of Reggie Bush versus Vince Young - Heismann Trophy winner versus the runner-up)

Things I hate?
* Analysts who crowned USC weeks before the game - I DARE you you to show me someone who didn't actually ATTEND UT that picked Texas to win this game;
* Analysts who use the word "three-peat" to describe USC - clearly this was an opportunity for USC to win back-to-back BCS National Championships - NOT a third. It's not that I'm knocking what USC has accomplished, but I AM knocking analysts who say USC is working toward a "three-peat" as it diminishes what LSU accomplished in 2003;
* the BCS system in general - college football should go to a playoff system, like the NFL.

All things considered, there was NO way that I could pass up this game, and it TRULY lived up to the hype, and surpassed it as Texas came from a 12 point deficit with four minutes left in the game. People are going to talk about this game and the lead-up to it for years to come, in historic terms.


P.S. - Reggie Bush - You Lost the Rose Bowl and the National Championship to Texas - Where Are You Going NOW? "I'm going to.... umm.... uhh.... Houston?!?" Enjoy, my friend.

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