Saturday, December 31, 2005


Pressing the Flesh. To shake hands and mingle with many people, especially when campaigning for political office.

Pressing the Flesh. I press my flesh with your flesh. Clammy hand. Sweaty palm. Limp fish. Let go. Now.

And even then, the dead skin cells of my flesh and yours co-mingle and I take away a very small, miniscule portion of you with me.

Even in the most unsatisfactory exchange, something is exchanged.

The act is solemn. Sacred. All that, yet taken for granted.

Lips press against a baby’s cheek. Too close. A moment of intimacy is reduced to a photo op. A marketing tool. Smile for the camera.

Now define the true meaning of the word pornography, you fuck.

Maybe the goal is to press as much flesh as possible. To spread yourself amongst so many others that it becomes impossible not to be "Of the people."

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