Sunday, January 15, 2006

DePoll DeStroys DeLay

As if the news couldn't get any worse for our poor old "exterminator" (read: man who deals with poisons and thinks nothing about killing those creatures around him who irritate him... or others, if they pay him to do it.)

For quite some time now, PTF has been urging our readers to get to know and support Nick Lampson's campaign in TX-22. Well, it looks like the news is getting out. In the most recent poll, Lampson leads DeLay 30-22 percentage points.

Once again, we would recommend that if you haven't already, just go and take a look at the breath of fresh air those in TX-22 are in for once Nick Lampson is elected.

Mind you, this is the poll taken BEFORE DeLay's legal battles even begin. Before the Abramoff scandal truly ruptures. And it's AFTER DeLay re-drew the District lines in the state to his liking.

As for Tom, well, ain't kharma a bitch?

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