Saturday, January 14, 2006

"DOH! My Bad!" - Chapter 2,184

Imagine.... the CIA acting in response to faulty intelligence? C'mon.... what are the chances of that?

So, Ayman al-Zawahri was targeted, based on this faulty information, and so the US military went in and blew up this village.

But, whoops! Turns out he wasn't there.

So, wait. If HE wasn' there, who was? Ouch. Um, sorry.

Wasn't it our President who was quoted just last week as saying, "In order to convince people we care about them, we've got to understand their culture and show them we care about their culture...." But we DID spend a few bucks trying to teach some Americans a few foreign languages, so doesn't that make up for the mistake of once again killing innocent civilians?

Of course, if the stress of these ongoing mistakes by our U.S. military is getting to be too much for you, just laugh it off.

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