Friday, March 31, 2006

FLESH, INK. FRIDAY - Anton ten Dam

FLESH, INK. FRIDAY takes us to The Netherlands today, and to the work of Anton ten Dam, and the work of Paint Planet. As always, we give you a look both at his provocative work, as well as some of the words directly from his website:

What possesses a man who paints people in such a way that they get shapes and colours which astonish, move and shock us? Is it an attempt - doomed to fail - to create an improved version of man? Or is it the irresistible urge of a creative person who continually seeks to change, to renew?

Anton ten Dam fits this last description well. As a decorator he proved himself to be an all-round professional who will accept any challenge which enables him to develop, to grow.

In addition to his body painting individual works, Anton ten Dam creates performances of his bodypainting work, in addition to a plethora of artistic and corporate collaborations. For an individual artist who claims to be new to the art of bodypainting, his work is incredibly sophisticated and wonderfully evocotive. I would encourage you to view more of his work directly at the Paint Planet website.

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  • Blogger Blage posted at 10:23 PM  
    Amazing!Thanks for posting this.

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 10:31 PM  
    My pleasure.. thanks for stopping by.. make sure to check out some of the other artists, as well... they're all pretty amazing!

  • Blogger Lizzi514 posted at 1:39 AM  
    As always, the friday posts are such a pleasure!

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