Friday, March 31, 2006

Judiciary Committee Meeting on Censure

A very sad excuse for a Judiciary Committee hearing is taking place right now, but regardless - it's at least happening. The Judiciary Committee is currently meeting to debate the issue of censure brought forward by Senator Feingold. You can look at the list of those testifying here, which includes John Dean, White House Counsel to Nixon during Watergate, speaking in favor of censure of President Bush. You can also view text of the actual cencure resolution here.

Although Chairman Specter has kept open the option of bringing this vote to the Senate floor, he has done so specifically to gain political points from the opportunity, and not from any effort at being fair and unbiased.

Regardless, questions and answers are about to take place, which should be good viewing. Watch online either here or here.

Today, please e-mail Senator Russ Feingold and thank him for standing up for our views, regardless of the pressure he has faced from ALL sides of Congress on this issue.

UPDATE: The hearing will be re-broadcast this evening on C-SPAN at 8:50PM.

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