Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Humanization of Russ

Readers of PTF know about my whole-hearted endorsement of Russ Feingold already. However, for those who simply eat what the mainstream media feeds them, they may see Russ Feingold as "that crazy guy in the Senate who's out on the limb all by himself."

If interviews like last night's continue, however, it won't be long before Russ Feingold moves from underground cult hero to political frontrunner for 2008. Senator Feingold was on The Daily Show last night, and was brilliant, to say the least.

How brilliant was he? Well, just as a comparison, refresh your memory with John Kerry's lackluster performance with Jon Stewart during the 2004 campaign. Once you've yawned your way through that, watch Feingold's performance from last night.

Russ Feingold has an Everyman quality to him - he speaks directly, plainly, clearly, and you know what he said after he's through. You don't scratch your head wondering what version of the truth you just received.

Still not convinced? If Russ is a non-entity in this election, you might ask yourself why the GOP is taking the time, money and effort to attack him. They're frightened of him, all right. Fear that Hillary could never generate. While Hillary can't win a Presidential election in 2008, Russ is positioned right now exactly where Bill Clinton was in 1991, which is right where he wants to be.

As for the attack, George Aldrich, Feingold campaign spokesman responded, "Once again, leaders in the Republican Party have failed to tell the American people why the president decided to break the law by authorizing a program to spy on Americans on American soil illegally.... The National Republican Party’s own advertisements do not say this program is legal. Of course we should wiretap suspected terrorists, and under current law, we can. The question is why the President believes he needs to break the law to do so."

I've posted this on here before, but if you haven't taken a look already, please look at some of Senator Feingold's Senate Campaign ads - the position of underdog is where Russ is most comfortable, and most dangerous.

Get to know Senator Russ Feingold - you're going to be seeing a LOT more of him.

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  • Blogger Kitten posted at 9:23 AM  
    I have been keeping an eye on him and am VERY interested to see how things play out. We need a REAL choice in '08 and I think he could be it!

    No matter what, I will do EVERYTHING I can to make sure "BILLARY" is NOT even a passing thought. She scares me!

  • Blogger Kayte posted at 2:49 PM  
    oooh I think I need to do some studying up, the possiblity of a promising candidate is most exciting!

  • Blogger Kathleen Callon posted at 5:33 PM  
    I love Russ, too.

    If you want Senator Feingold to run for President in 2008, please, come over to and sign the petition.

  • Blogger Jaxson posted at 4:12 PM  
    I'm originally from wisconsin. When I was discharged from the military under don't ask don't tell, his office was the only one to contact me to help me figure out if I could get my GI bill. The fact that they called me rather than sending a letter, and then followed up with the department of education impressed me so much that I'm eternally a supporter. The fact that he's standing up now in spite of the attacks makes me even more proud to be from wisconsin. :-)

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