Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Riding The Ides of March

Shakespeare killed off Julius Caesar on the Ides of March, and the day has never been the same. While there haven't been any outright assassinations today that I've noted as of yet, here are some selcted goodies from the day... talk amongst yourselves....

Clooney, HuffPo, and a Flute of Champagne?
On Monday, we reported the startling revelation that George Clooney is a (gasp!) liberal!

Wonkette reports today that while the champagne was flowing between Clooney and Huffington, perhaps a few wires were crossed.

She's Hot For Hannity
Last week, we spoke about Katherine Harris getting a bit tangled in Randy "Duke" Cunningham's tangled web. Conventional wisdom suggested that she was tangled enough to call off her bid for the Florida Senate seat.

But thanks to the good folks at Faux News, she delivered her "exclusive" news to Sean Hannity that she's staying in the race. That's OK... we here at PTF would rather see the Wicked Witch of the Southeast eaten alive by Democrats and Moderates throughout the state of Florida, rather than simply allowing her a clumsy and awkward prat fall off the political stage.

Censoring the Censure?
We also spoke about Russ Feingold, the only current Member of the Minority in the Senate who has any true desire to bring his party to the Majority.

Following the presentation of his Resolution to Censure the President, the response has been laughable, and exhausting. Feingold legitimately attacks the President on an important issue. The President has an approval rating somewhere in the low to mid 30s, depending on whom you quote. Democratic Senators, when asked to comment, fumble, stammer, and fall over themselves - everything short of hanging a sign around their collective necks saying "We're The Minority, and We LIKE It!"

This leaves the Republicans free to attack the Democrats, while Feingold is almost obligated to attack his square-headed colleagues.

William Grieder writes for The Nation, and sums it up best in his column about Feingold. I encourage you to read it, and to support Feingold in his "naivete." As Greider writes, "Amid scandals in high places, Senator Feingold is fresh air. The country should rise up and sing."

The censure resolution has been sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee for "consideration", and we applaud Sen. Barbara Boxer and Sen. Tom Harkin for signing on as co-sponsors.

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  • Blogger Lizbeth posted at 11:24 AM  
    Example of the Democrats logic:

    I am going down a dark alley where a man with a knife is chaseing me. I will not take defense on the off chance that the attaker will stab himself with his own weapon. While lying unconcious and bloody on the ground of this dark alley way, My attaker has stabbed himself.

    Come ON!
    Somebody needs to grow some balls here!
    Oh look, my opposers are screwing up, well sit back and watch, instead of rising up and taking over.


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