Tuesday, March 14, 2006

We Never Know Who Reads...

While I am thankful for each and every reader that stops by PTF, there are some who pique our interest just a tad bit more.

Last night, as an example. As it turns out, the U.S. Senate Office of the Sergeant at Arms came to visit PTF last night. Someone from the Office was looking through Technorati under the search string "Bush Feingold censure" and came upon my Humble Chunk O' Blogdom. It doesn't appear that they stuck around too terribly long, but it was interesting nonetheless that someone from the U.S. Senate Office of the Sergeant at Arms would be interested in Feingold's Resolution and how the blogosphere might be covering it.

I heartily welcome any and all Senate staffers who happen to drop by, regardless of the occasion! That goes for everyone on the House side, as well! Hell, any ole' politico is welcome here - if you took the time to find PTF, then the least I can do is welcome you!

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