Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My Ultimate Birthday List

Many of the items on my list fall somewhere between realistic and wholly improbable, but I figure that if I set the bar just high enough, there may be some hope. Hell, I'll be honest... if I were to get ANYTHING on this list, I'd be a truly happy guy. My TRUE birthday gift is coming later in the week, and so I'll be happy regardless, but just in case anyone needs any other ideas, here they are:
* A brilliant timepiece;

* A refill of my favorite cologne;

* My 10,000th visitor to Pressing The Flesh by the end of the week. A milestone, to be sure. That person will win a VERY special prize from PTF, by the by....

* A lost weekend that I've never had, and would never forget;

* One of my closest friends has drifted further and further out of my life, despite my efforts to remain close. I would do anything to bring him back into my life;

* A comfy place to sit;

* Orchestra seats to see TARZAN on Broadway. If De La Guarda is involved, I'm there. De La Guarda is one of the singular most amazing theatrical experiences I've ever had - if you haven't seen their website, you REALLY must check it out. It is incredibly interactive, and includes a "web version" of Villa Villa on the site - Do not pass Go... do not collect $200 until you've checked it out;

* Orchestra seats to see The Lieutenant of Inishmore on Broadway; and finally...

* A REAL voice in 2008.

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