Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Heckuva Surreal Interview, Brownie!!!


Stunned. That's the only word I can find for what I just witnessed.

Michael Brown, former head of FEMA, just appeared as the guest on The Colbert Report on Comedy Central.

Which makes me ask this simple question - why, Brownie? Was your life not hellish enough? Did you miss people making fun of you? Did the din of blame get a bit too quiet for you?

Or were you trying to play off the "timeliness" of the hearings in which you testified on Capitol Hill, and in a simialar fashion to your response to Hurricane Katrina, misjudged the timing by just a bit?!?

I'm sure Crooks and Liars will have the video for this at some point today, or you can look to Comedy Central's re-broadcasts today, or else check it out on the Motherload.... as Oleta Adams once said, "I don't care how you get there... get there if you can."

What's most surreal about the interview is this - I'm sure that Brownie thinks doing a comedy show is probably the best thing he can do to repair his character a bit... you know... soften the image up a bit... like he needed to appear any softer.

Colbert, meanwhile, in his character as a tough hitting journalist/pundit, literally asked him all of the tough questions that another journalist might have asked him.

Which Brownie then proceeded to answer - most of the time with a shit-eating smirk on his face.

And what makes it worse is simply this. It's one thing for a late night comedian to try and find humor in a subject that we have all been horrified by - taking our collective frustration out on the people responsible for the tragic errors that led to the loss of life in New Orleans.

It's quite another for man responsible to jump up on stage, grab the mic and say "Wait, wait... I have a good one... did you hear the one about the man who wanted a margarita soooo bad.... now you all say, 'How bad did he want one?'.... hey... is this thing on?"

I cannot imagine who told him it was a good idea to appear on The Colbert Report, but whomever it was more than likely set up his e-mail account for him, as well.

UPDATE: Here's the link to the video clip of the interview, courtesy of Comedy Central's Motherload. Enjoy!

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  • Anonymous Amazing Kreskin posted at 1:49 AM  
    If there was anyone in the history of incompetent presidential administrations who had NOTHING to lose, LITERALLY, it is Michael Brown.

  • Blogger citizen shelly posted at 12:58 AM  
    I saw that interview and it was very, very strange. I swear he was flirting with Colbert. He kept batting his eyelashes and flashing his dimples. Disgusting.

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