Monday, April 24, 2006

He's at Zero... Celsius, That Is...

Bush poll numbers continue to plummet - CNN's latest puts his approval rating at a frigid 32%, less than one third of the American public. Moreover, Bush now has a 60% disapproval rating.

Again, let me point out that this is not a "rigging of the stats" by the so-called "liberal media." Pew's latest poll has Bush at 35%, American Research Group puts him at 34%, and Fox News has him at 33%.

Add to the mess recent editorials such as that in the L.A. Times, calling for Cheney's head on a platter.

Of course, gas prices continue their upward climb, and despite the fact that a few people in the Bush Administration might be familiar with a few of the higher ups within the oil industry, they can't seem to be able to find a single action that would possibly ease the pain that this is creating throughout the American public, exacerbating Bush's problems.

California and Illinois have introduced impeachment proceedings in their respective state legislatures. According to the article:
"The Jefferson Manual of rules for the U.S. House of Representatives makes clear that impeachment proceedings can be initiated by a state legislature submitting charges. The state of Illinois is on its way toward forcing on the House what not a single one of its members has yet had the courage to propose: Articles of Impeachment."

Yet, in the midst of this growing snowball of destruction aimed squarely at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, newly-appointed Chief of Staff Josh Bolten has come up with a five-point plan to save the Bush Administration.

His plan?

That's it. That's the plan for survival of the Bush Administration.

I won't say that the fat lady has sung, but if no one within the Bush Administration wakes the fuck up and listens to the American public, you can write the final act on what has already been a tragicly flawed term of office.

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  • Blogger The Professor posted at 12:48 AM  
    Not to quibble, but apparently liberals have a very short memory.

    Only two presidents have ever been impeached. The first was Johnson (no, not Lyndon--the FIRST Johnson...) The second was Clinton. Nixon, contrary to the Church Sign Generator, was never impeached.

    Also, while an impeachment proceedings can be set in motion by a state legislature, as the article points out, according to the Jefferson Manual, it is interesting that as the article points out NO member of Congress has started proceedings. Apparently it is exceedingly simple to start an impeachment. According to the rules referenced, impeachments can be set in motion "by a resolution dropped in the
    hopper by a Member" or even "by charges made on the floor on the responsibility of a Member or Delegate"

    It seems to me that some of the members of the House may have already made charges on the floor.

    So, if the Democrats currently in the House, receiving the weekly and Daily intelligence and other asundry briefings, have decided that they cannot bring charges of impeachment, perhaps we should as if they apparently know something that "we" don't.

    What would keep a Democrat from wanting to Impeach this President. Perhaps something as simple as "the truth."

  • Anonymous jay posted at 2:10 AM  
    Why was he elected twice? The first time was bad enough, then 9/11 happened that that pretty much guaranteed his re-election because everyone seems to think that during a time of terror, they shouldn't elect a new president. What a bunch of nonsense. I don't think there has ever been a president who is so hated, yet was elected twice.

  • Blogger Storm posted at 9:44 AM  
    I think the Bush cronies are incapable to waking the fuck up. They are so out of touch and their egos are so self-serving, that I really doubt we will see any change unless voters demand it at the polls.

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 11:07 AM  
    Prof - first to details... yes, my heart got ahead of my head, and I inadvertantly typed in the word "impeach" instead of "resign" is my haste of making the flurry of graphics for this post - but you are correct. Nixon was NOT actually impeached.

    So, I guess he was an OK guy after all.

    As is the seeming standard, however - you seem to focus on the smaller points, and gloss over the larger ones. Are you suggesting that there is NO wrongdoing within the Bush Administration? Are you under the illusion that everything is hunky-dory? You surely can't think that the White House is on the right course and it's ALL of America (or let's not exaggerate, lest you write to correct me again - let's set it at 60% of Americans, to be fair) that is wrong?

    Regardless of whether 60% are correct in their belief that Bush is WRONG for America or not, the last time I checked, 60% is more than a majority, and come election time, that's going to spell BIG trouble for Republicans, both in Congress and the White House.

    THAT'S my main point. This Administration is SO busy posturing and puffing their chests out and rattling sabers, that they can't see the ground crumbling beneath them. Republicans in Congress have felt the rumbling beneath their feet, but only because their test is coming sooner - and even they have begun asking the Administration to change course.

    Something as simple as "the truth" you say... wow, that's a novel concept... perhaps the Bush Administration should try it.

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