Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blog Gossip Redux?

A few weeks ago, PTF alerted readers to the coming firestorm, in the form of the Aravosis V. Gannon panel at the Equality Forum in Philadelphia.

Needless to say, whenever Jeff Gannon is involved with something, it always manages to get a little bit more dramatic, a little bit more false, and a little bit more screwed up.

The panel, as it stands right now, is falling apart. This is sad, as the topic is an important one for the Equality Forum. But I can't help thinking that this is what the Equality Forum folks get for inviting someone like Gannon who truly has NO place on a panel with other such respected bloggers.

You can read John's take on the situation over at AmericaBlog. After reading, if you're so inclined, perhaps a nice polite e-mail sent to Executive Director Malcolm Lazin would be in order?

Yes, I think it would.

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