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FLESH, INK. FRIDAY - Karada Kesho

In the Japanese language, the word karada means body and kesho is the word for makeup. Certainly, an entity named Karada Kesho is worthy of our attention here at FLESH, INK. FRIDAY.

"Bare skin has a life of its own; within its balance of shadow and light, poems of life are found." These are words written to describe the work of our featured artist. Karada Kesho is the collaboration of one of Japan's great make-up artists, Teruko Kobayashi, and photographer Hideki Fujii.

According to the website:
Teruko Kobayashi and Hideki Fujii have published two books of Karada Kesho, Karada Kesho and Maquillage Du Corps.

Since 1994, Teruko Kobayashi has been the director of the From Hand Teruko Kobayashi Makeup Academy. At the beginning of her career, Ms. Kobayashi joined the Kose Cosmetic Company as a beauty specialist. Kose is one of the major cosmetics companies in Japan. In 1988, she became the company’s first female executive, and subsequently its director. In 1991, after leaving Kose, Ms. Kobayashi founded the Be-Fine Beauty Research Institute.

Throughout Japan, Ms. Kobayashi is renowned for her natural style of makeup application, and of course, her stunningly beautiful body painting. She has worked as a makeup artist and consultant in advertising, for fashion shows, musicals, TV, film, and theater. Ms. Kobayashi is also a member of Japan’s Leadership 111, an association of leading professional women in various fields, which promotes networking, career information, and support.
Unfortunately, I have yet to find any further information on these stunning artists, other than the website I've referenced for you. Please enjoy the work found here, and I'll continue to track down more information for a future feature.

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    Beautiful! I really love these pictures.

    Some day you will have to explain how you find all of these wonderful, but perhaps obscure artists....


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