Friday, May 05, 2006

FLESH, INK. FRIDAY - Agnieszka Glinska

Every week it seems as though I have to scour the internet for longer and longer periods of time to find quality artists to bring to the attention of my readers. Usually, though, I find a hidden treasure after several hours of research.

Today was no exception, as I was able to find the Polish artist, Agnieszka Glinska. This woman's stunning work is as much a result of her visual artistry as it is based on her background as a dancer, choreographer, and director. A member of the World Body Painting Association , Glinska founded the modern dance group Art Color Ballet in 1998, combining the worlds of bodyart and dance in truly remarkable ways.

As breathtaking as these images from their gallery are, I left some of most beautiful behind, in hopes that you will fully explore the work of this incredibly talented ensemble.

Although the site is in Polish, you can translate it via Babel Fish or another such site. There was something magical for me, however, in viewing the work and not speaking the language - being able to simply let the images speak for themselves.

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  • Blogger Lizbeth posted at 3:10 AM  
    OMG i LOOOVE IT(ps im baaaack!)
    i love the background in dance and how it is used.. so beautiful
    nothing better than a dancer, nothing better than a beautiful dancer who is covered in paint!

  • Blogger talksmart posted at 8:00 AM  
    excellent art!!

  • Blogger Meghan posted at 7:39 PM  
    Oh my... is it Friday again already??

    I LOVE that fourth pic... how gorgeous!

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