Friday, May 19, 2006

FLESH, INK. FRIDAY - Joel Hernandez

For this week's installment of FLESH, INK. FRIDAY, we travel to Sacramento, CA - home to Joel Hernandez and Art And Armour. Hernandez is an artist, a photographer, and an armor smith, creating artistically-designed battle-ready armor.

From Joel's website:
Joel likes to compare the act of creating his art with that of an archeologist uncovering the artwork of a lost civilization. “It’s about finding something of beauty and uncovering it with your brush stroke by stroke. It’s already there within, we just hide it in our everyday self.”

What draws Joel Hernandez to body art? It comes from very classical roots, yet this art is a new direction in the world of artists, with plenty of room for exploration. “It’s fun and inspiring as well. It creates not only artwork, but real human joy. I like that idea of spreading beauty and happiness to the universe, one painting at a time.”

Please take some time to explore Joel's gallery - his black light work is both imaginative and seductive.

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