Thursday, June 01, 2006

At Last! Bush Is Best At SOMETHING!!!

Well, if you consider being the worst of the worst as "best." Dubya tops the list in a new national Quinnipiac University poll as being the Worst President in the last 61 years.

Interestingly enough, the Best President named was Reagan. It's not interesting because I AGREE with it. Far from that.

What makes it interesting is that it almost singlehandedly proves the unbiased slant of the poll. Were it a "partisan poll" as Apologists are always so eager to claim, Bill Clinton would have been listed as the Best President in the last 61 years. Instead, he comes in second place to Reagan, according to the poll.

Clinton also comes in third in the "Worst" category, just for the sake of full disclosure. So, there's something here for the Apologists to disagree with, and something with which the rest of us may disagree.

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  • Blogger The Professor posted at 10:59 PM  
    All I can say is... it's a poll. But I have been writing about polls and such extensively on my blog, of late.

    And where is Quinnipiac, anyway? (okay, so it is a small uni of 8000 students... but still...)

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