Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What Backlash?

As predicted here earlier, The Dixie Chicks' new album, Taking The Long Way, debuted at #1 on Billboard's Top 200. They become the first female group to have three albums debut in the top slot. Sales, which were expected to be between 300,000 and 400,000, exceeded even optimistic predictions by topiing over a half-million copies in the first week alone.

Those other albums of theirs that made their debut at #1 did so before Natalie made her remarks about President Bush and the Iraq war. Taking The Long Way did it after she made her remarks.

So, to all of those saying that the Dixie Chicks are digging their own graves by speaking their minds and voicing their opinions (gasp - God forbid), I ask you - where's the backlash of which you speak?

You want more proof? Wait until tickets for the tour go on sale to the general public. Watch how fast they sell out the entire tour. I've already got mine.

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  • Blogger JoyceB posted at 1:14 PM  

    When people first started attacking them for voicing their opinion & radio stations stopped playing their music & some people started destroying their cds.... I knew that time would prove that the chicks were in the right & those fanatics would simply have shown the world their true colors.

    You do not have to be saying the same thing as everyone else to be allowed to speak your mind.

    Hooray for the Dixie Chicks! And thank you for a great post...

  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 6:47 PM  
    I had been meaning to ask... You said
    You want more proof? Wait until tickets for the tour go on sale to the general public. Watch how fast they sell out the entire tour. I've already got mine.
    Did you notice this past week's Rolling Stone (or other outlets) that report the DC are having to cancel shows? Why? Perhaps libs are willing to show their support by buying their music, but aren't fans enough to go to the shows?

    Perhaps they have cut their base after...

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 7:01 PM  
    Dear Anonymous:

    Glad to hear from you a month after the fact... better late than never. :)

    I'd like to think of those supporting the Dixie Chicks as "fans" or "people who like good music" rather than "libs" as you label them... I don't seem to recall labeling anyone criticizing them as "wingnuts" ar anything like that.

    As to your concern, a simple visit directly to the source should take care of your concern for the Chicks:


    To our Fans:
    Any reports being made about the cancellation of our upcoming Accidents And Accusations tour are completely false.

    We have known since March 2003 that our path in this business would have obstacles at every pass. We have enjoyed meeting each one head-on and we will continue to do so. Dixie Chicks fans are as active and dedicated as they come. This time around we are willingly feeling our way through uncharted territory. Things don't come as easy as they might have come in the past, and it makes each accomplishment more exciting and appreciated.

    We will go where the fans are with great anticipation and no regrets. To find out (along with us) where that is, visit for all updates to Accidents And Accusations tour information.

    Love, The Chicks

    So, don't you worry, dear Anonymous... the Chicks will be just fine.

    I have a few tickets to the show in Philly, by the way - if you're interested in joining me for an evening of good music!!!

  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 7:30 PM  
    Well, late is better than not at all. :-) And in fact, the information has only recently come available, so that is why I posted today.

    Two follow up comments:
    You said, I'd like to think of those supporting the Dixie Chicks as "fans" or "people who like good music" rather than "libs" as you label them..
    My point was that I wonder if it is really people who are truly fans of their music or simply those who are fans of their politics. I have no problem with the latter and I have been/am the former. If these folks are really fans of their music, why aren't they also buying tix?

    Secondly, the quote from their site seems to confirm that indeed their ticket sales ARE down because of their political stance. Again, just an observation. I admire anyone who is willing to suffer personally or professionally for their political and personal convictions. (I suppose today I am not one of those people since I am being anonymous. ;-)

    I may well be in or near Philly so perhaps I will drop you a line and reveal my secret identity. (Besides, this cape is getting tangled in my boxers.)

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 7:59 PM  
    Points taken... Of course they're going to have to recalibrate where their fan base is, as it certainly has shifted somewhat. But their ticket sales have genrally been excellent, especially given the fact that their songs are still being boycotted on a large number of radio stations - one of the most inane practices I've ever seen...

    (one can make the political connection between Clear Channel and contributions to the Bush campaign in exchange for leniancy on FCC regulations regarding ownership of stations in any given market)

    This ban in many markets has now extended to even accepting ad sales for the show, which is often seen as THE biggest part of concert ticket sales. If the ads don't run on the station, in addition to the music not being played, you're definitely charting new territory, alright.

    Having said all that, the Dixie Chicks remain at the #2 spot on Billboard's Top 200, and have reamined on top of the country chart for four weeks now.

    I think they're going to be just fine. Maybe not the same kind of "fine" before "the incident," but I don't think that's a bad thing, either.

    Did you know, as a curious political/musical aside, that Toby Keith is a self-proclaimed lifelong registered Democrat???

    Ahhh... this world we live in...

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