Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bush's Top Speechilist To Step Down

Today's Washington Post reports that Michael J. Gerson will announce his resignation from the Bush Administration in the upcoming weeks. Gerson has been responsible for almost every "scripted" word that has been uttered from President Bush's mouth.

Gerson, as an example, coined the "axis of evil" phrase used in Bush's State of the Union address. It stands to reason that Gerson was the individual ultimately responsible for writing that "Satellite photographs reveal that Iraq is rebuilding facilities at [past nuclear] sites..." in a prepared speech given to the nation in October of 2002. Then there are those infamous sixteen words from the State of the Union address in 2003 - "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."

In addition, Time Magazine listed Gerson as #9 on the Top 25 Most Influencial Evangelicals In America. He is perhaps best known by those within the Administration for inserting a language and background of "faith" in the words of President Bush.

Gerson is highly regarded by those around him, which begs a simple question - if Gerson made Bush sound good, how bad is he going to sound now?!?

In honor of Gerson's resignation, we re-present this YouTube Oldie But Goodie:

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  • Blogger Herman B. Hayes posted at 2:11 AM  
    You liberals make me ill. Why must you always attack Bush? Maybe you should go after some important issues, like flag burning or gay marriage.

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 2:18 AM  
    PTFers... I wholeheartedly encourage you to attack Herman B. Hayes with the same enthusiasm that you attack the likes of right-wing whack jobs like Stephen Colbert... please visit his blog and let him know how you feel!

  • Blogger The Professor posted at 11:12 PM  
    Now, Now... why encourage your readers to go to his blog? That's most likely why he is here attacking you in the first place. Get ya pissed at him, and get more traffic at his blog...

    After perusing his blog, however, I am not convinced that he is "legit." Now, I am not sure if his blog is meant to be a mockery of Conservatism (like that Betty the Church Lady site) or if he isn't legit--as in not legiitemately SANE, but please... whatever you do, don't view his writings as "conservative." Insane, perhaps, but not conservative...

    The Prof.

    And if you want to drive traffic ANY where... send em to MY site! LOL

  • Blogger The Professor posted at 11:16 PM  
    Wow... I hadn't even noticed that you had linked to Betty... AND the linked Landover Church. LOL

    They are perhaps the best spoofs on the Christian Right. I wouldn't actually put them in the "muckraker" category though, since they are mostly a parody/satire of the right... Perhaps change the headings to "funny satires"

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 3:18 PM  
    I actually think that satire is one of the most effective means of muckraking, and that the Conservatives for American Values site is sheer genius!

    If you go look through all of the comments that people leave, it is clear that a)some people get the joke, b)some are very cautiously wondering what's going on, and c) some don't get it at all and take it as completely legit.

    The best part about it is this - the commenters make the point for the authors. Instead of the authors coming out and making some grand point on a social or political issue, they subvert it totally. By using satire, they allow their readers (particularly the ones that don't get it) to make their point FOR them.

    I'm a new fan of theirs, but a BIG fan nonetheless.

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