Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Flag Burning - It's Just A Smokescreen

So, Bill Frist still thinks that the biggest priorities for the Senate are Constitutional amendments banning gay marriage and flag burning. Last week, as completely expected, the vote on gay marriage went nowhere and served as nothing but a smokescreen for Republicans and the Bush Administration to dodge the real issues of the day.

And so now Frist wants to bring the flag burning amendment to the floor, despite the wishes of even some conservative activists.

Let's not think about the fact that the only countries that ban burning their flags are Cuba, Iran and China.

Forget that proponents of this amendment are confusing the symbol of the flag with the substance which it represents.

Forget that passage of this amendment will more than likley result in more flag burnings than ever before, in protest of the desecration of personal liberty. In the history of this country, there are only 200 flag burning incidents, and more than half of those came between 1989 and current day, when the flag burning amendment was raised as an issue.

But forget all of that. You want to throw out the current set of rules we have on the treatment of the flag and create a Constitutional Amendment? Fine. I'm on board. But I have a few other requirements in order to support the amendment.

Only flags made in the USA will be allowed to be flown or in any way displayed in this country. All other US flags made anywhere beyond the borders of the United States will be banned.

And while we're banning flag burning, there are a few other displays of the flag I want to ban, as well:

Finally, I want to make it illegal for anyone, including President Bush (pictured here) to write anything on the flag:

Oh, wait... that's right. It already is illegal. But somehow I think Bush will manage to get past this illegality and still manage to be morally opposed to flag burning.

Yup... sigh... it's Flag Day in America, 2006.

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  • Blogger peterlavina posted at 12:42 AM  
    I just linked your flag-burning story to my recent post. Thanks a lot.

  • Blogger Meghan posted at 2:41 AM  
    That clock. That banana hammock.

    So very, very wrong.

    And... Bush signing an American Flag. It's kind of like a diamond encrusted crucifix, isn' it?

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