Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Celebrity Religion Takes The Hit

It's been a bad week for celebrity religions.

First of all, there's Kabbalah, Madonna's spirituality du jour. And it seemed for a while as though she was bringing her young protege, Britney Spears, into the fold. While Britney had been studying Kabbalah, she now says, "I no longer study Kabbalah, my baby is my religion."

Brit has reportedly been consulting with a "Christian life coach" to help her with those bumpy times with the babies in her life, K-Fed included. This, of course, has led Madonna to ask for her wedding gift to Britney and K-Fed back - a twelfth-century book on Kabbalah.

Then there's Scientology, which - let's face it - hasn't been having a good year, thanks to its most visible practitioner, Tom Cruise. But now Cruise's ex, Nicole Kidman, has fled from Scientology back to Catholicism as she and Keith Urban prepare to get married.

Maybe now that Nicole has returned to her roots, Keith can head here to pick out some new "spiritual hardware" for her.

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