Sunday, June 11, 2006

Need Another Reason To Pay Attention To Polls?

PTF has warned over and over that Apologists will ignore the continued downward trend in poll numbers at their own demise. Well, maybe there's a reason developing that might finally get their attention... M-O-N-E-Y.

The front page of today's Washington Post reports that while Democrats are reporting their strongest fundraising cycles since Republicans took over in 1994, Republican fundraising efforts are beginning to stumble.

Money has been one of the key elements to RNC and GOP campaigns in the past, and there will be no shortage during the upcoming election, to be sure. But Democrats are tapping into a whole new arena of fundraising and it is going to have a significant influence in the November races.

As poll numbers continue to favor Democrats, money will continue to favor Democratic candidates, as people tend not to give money to potential losers. As long as Republicans continue to turn a deaf ear to the concerns of America, their coffers will continue to hemorrhage in the coming months.

But I don't suppose that will make a difference to them in November, either.

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  • Blogger Drive By Fruiting posted at 5:47 PM  
    Your blog rocks!

  • Blogger Brad posted at 9:24 PM  
    It's so great that they had to spend SO much money to get Bilbray elected (maybe even legally) in a typically safe district. Haha!

  • Blogger Guppyman posted at 10:26 PM  
    "As long as Republicans continue to turn a deaf ear to the concerns of America"

    Please take this as a serious question... it's one I've been searching for an answer to for years now....

    What is it that Democrats want to do FOR this country? For the last 5 years... all I've heard is how bad Bush is.... I've asked what democrats would like to do differently, but I keep seeing the same answer... they're not Bush.

    Gee... Neither is Charles Manson, but i wouldn't elect him to anything either.

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 10:58 PM  
    I'm thankful your for your visit Guppyman, and I welcome your serious question, but I have to say that until you ask the question more specifically, you're not going to get the specific answers you're looking for.

    So, go ahead and shoot... what's your specific question related to what the Democrats would do differently than the Bush Administration? Are you referencing Iraq? National security? Taxes? Economy? The environment?

    It is far, far too easy for the Democrats to simply throw mud at the Bush Administration.... it's like shooting fish in a bucket... but we Democrats must be, and ARE, willing to answer the "what would you do?" questions.. starting right now.

    So, give it your best shot.... I hope to illuminate the issues for you so that you feel comfortable voting for the Democrats in November, as well as in 2008.

    As opposed to the reception I get when I visit "conservative blogs" (where they fail to listen to my points and simply regurgitate the pablum that they've been fed - and then make personal attacks instead of staying on point and debating the issues), PTF is a place of discussion, and to hear the thoughts you have, and to find out exactly where we can find places of commonality, rather than opposition.

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