Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New Pew. PeeeEwwww.

Another day, another low.

I know these polls don't mean jack to the Bush Administration or the Apologists, but there may be a reason the Apologists might take note - there are less and less of you out there.

As noted here, approval amongst moderate Republicans has fallen from 81% in December of 2004 to just barely a majority - 56% as of May 2006.

But look at those CONSERVATIVE Republicans (this is the land where most of the Apologists live) - support has fallen from 93% to a staggering 78% amongst Bush's base of support.

Following the 2004 election, white Evangelicals supported Bush to the tune of 77%. Today, that number has become an off-key 55%. Republican women labeling themselves as "moderate" or "liberal" Republicans gave Bush an 82% approval following the election. Today, that number sits at a humbling 51%.

So, I only have one word of advice for those of you who continue to serve as Apologists for the Bush Administration - last one out, turn out the light.

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