Saturday, June 03, 2006

God Bless Keith Olbermann

If you find yourself trying to decide what crap to watch on any given evening during Prime Time, might I suggest you veer away from the traditional crap on the traditional networks, and check out MSNBC and Countdown with Keith Olbermann for the finest antidote to the faux news that pollutes so much of the airwaves these days.

If you need a sample to convince yourself, there is none finer than Olbermann taking on Bill O'Reilly this week. Keith Olbermann is consistent, tough, and humorous - and admittedly as unbalanced as O'Reilly or anyone else on the "right."

The distinguishing fact, however, is clear. Olbermann gets it right. Consistently right.

God bless Crooks and Liars, as well, for posting the video clip, and so many other clips and information that makes it one of the most valuable sites on the Internet.

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