Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Rummy's A REAL Work Of Art

On Monday, a piece of art featuring Donald Rumsfeld will be the main atttraction at an art opening in Baghdad. The painting, entitled Picnic, is the work of artist Iraqi Muayad Muhsin, and is based on a photo taken of Rumsfeld some 18 months ago.

According to the AP article:
The oil-on-canvas, 5-by-3-foot work shows Rumsfeld in a blue jacket, tie, khaki pants and army boots reading from briefing papers. His boots are resting on what appears to be an ancient stone.

While Rumsfeld's image is true to life, he sits next to a partially damaged statue of a lion standing over a human _ a traditional image of strength during the ancient Babylon civilization. The statue's stone base is ripped open, revealing shelves from which white piece of papers are flying away, later turning into birds soaring high into an ominously gray sky.
Speaking of Rumsfled, the artist says:
"Rumsfeld's boots deliver a message from America: 'We rule the world,'.... It speaks of America's total indifference to what the rest of the world thinks.... The Americans brought us rosy dreams but left us with nightmares, they came with a broad smile but gave us beheaded bodies and booby-trapped car."
Clearly, this is the image that Iraqis have of the "American Liberators" who are occupying their country.

So, Apologists, I'll ask again: Why is it that we're there? Right now, it appears that America is saying to the world, "You'll take Democracy, and you'll like it... or else!"

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