Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sticks And Stones May Break His Bones...

...but they're probably damn brittle to begin with. Thank God it's only words that are being hurled at Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, urging the 74-year old to resign his position of...well... Chief Hurler of Sticks and Stones.

In light of Josh Bolten's urging for Administration officials to hand in their resignations now, might this be the time we finally see him be ushered out of office, quickly melting into a molten puddle of ooze following his removal?

You know it's bad when Rumsfeld needs to choose a "friendly arena" to defend himself, and chooses Rush Limbaugh???

You know its bad when even The Apologists, usually boldly blind in their steadfast faith of this Administration, are calling for his resignation? A few choice parts of the post from Opinionnation Times:
If the Democrats were smart enough, which they are not, they would censure President Bush for his failure to fire Mr. Rumsfeld. And if they did that I would support it 100%.
Swallow your pride and demand the Secretary of Defense be fired for his obvious incompetence; The Incompetence that has needlessly attributed to the deaths of American servicemen and women and has turned Iraq into a disaster.
Donald Rumsfeld has hurt this country; continues to hurt this country and refuses to stop hurting this country.
Couldn't have said it better myself. Who would have thought I'd be agreeing with an Apologist?!? Maybe there is hope for bipartisan copperation, after all. Then again, read the rest of his site, and I think you'll agree that there are MANY more places of disagreement then there are agreement.

Yes... sticks and stones may break his bones... but wouldn't broken bones be the least we can do to repay Rumsfeld for his service, or lack thereof?

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  • Blogger web_loafer posted at 2:21 AM  
    Donald Rumsfeld is one of my personal role models.
    He doesn't need the job, He wants to do it for the nation he loves.
    He doesn't need the money, He was wealthy when he took the job.
    He doesnt' need the pain, but I'm glad he has put up with it, and I love him for it.
    I don't want a metrosexual at the helm of the Department of WAR. Sure, I know we call it the Defense Dept. now, but America didn't survive by defense.
    Once in a while you have to get your enemies before they get you.
    I love Donald Rumsfeld.

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 4:49 PM  
    Paul Wolfowitz, didn't I already warn you once about leaving these types of posts about your colleagues??? You're on double secret probation, Paulie. Now go lick that comb of your and straighten out that greasy hair, young man.

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