Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ricky On The Ropes?

Tom DeLay is history.

Now it's time to turn our attention to ensuring that Rick Santorum won't be a part of the 110th Congress.

Articles like this in the Washington Post are sure to raise the visibility in what is already one of the most visible and contested races in the country.

Reports like this in local media will help, as well.

Hat Tip to Dump Santorum.

But this race is FAR from a done deal. Bob Casey, Jr. is not the model Democratic candidate, and his pro-life stance is sure to chase off a large portion of Democrats who would otherwise vote for him. Polls show the race finally closing - Rasmussen actually puts Casey's lead in single digits.

One thing is clear - Democrats HAVE to pick up this seat if there is ANY chance of reclaiming a majority in the Senate, and America needs Santorum GONE from the United States Senate.

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  • Blogger The Professor posted at 8:31 PM  
    It's too bad you feel this strongly in opposition to Senator Santorum. I am looking forward to the opportunity to return to PA, and not only vote for him, but help with his campaign.

    Men of conviction are often hard to find. Luckily, he is one of them.

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 2:03 AM  
    I think you made a typo... I'm sure you meant to say "men WITH convictions", right? And they're getting easier and easier to find. Delay and all the rest... don't worry... Santorum will be following close behind.

    Have fun working on the campaign and all, but I personally find him to be one of the most evil, reprehensible, and ignorant individuals currently working in the United States Senate.

  • Blogger The Professor posted at 9:05 AM  
    "evil, reprehensible, and ignorant individuals" Hmmm... some would argue that's the definition of Senator.

    Heck, with the standards set by Gary Hart, Ted Kennedy, and the rest, it's hard to imagine whom you could like.

    Ahh, well. Such is the nature of politics. Demonize those you oppose.

    I did find the video story interesting. It seemed to me though that thy found as much circumstantial evidence as possible, and from that chose to then tar him, to see which feathery accusations might stick.

    If one were to limit one's board of directors to only those people who have no political ties, then we would be left with.... ummm... .er..... Yeah, that's about it.

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 9:28 AM  
    Who would I like? You obviously haven't read PTF for too long... for starters, I think Russ Feingold is the model on which others should base their Senatorial service. If you're looking for a man OF conviction, he's the man you should be working for.

    Not only did Russ Feingold rightly call for a censure of President Bush, when it wasn't popular amongst his Democratic colleagues and certainly not amongst his Republican colleagues - he was the only Democratic senator to vote to hear the evidence in the Clinton impeachment trial.

    Rather than argue about why you think "evil, reprehensible, and ignorant individuals" should be thrown out of Congress, you simply stipulate it and call it the "definition of Senator?" That's a sad commentary on American politics if I've ever heard one.

    You really should do some research on what you're signing up for before you devote your time and energy working for Santorum - this isn't a matter of demonizing those whom I oppose - I would never be off of this blog if that were the case. There are plenty of Republicans (and more than a few Democrats, as readers of PTF well know) who I oppose.

    Santorum falls into an arena far beyond simple opposition. I think he is BAD. EVIL. He is bad for the state of Pennsylvania. Bad for the United States Senate. Bad for America. Too much evil to begin to spill in this comments section, but I'd be happy to elaborate, as I'm sure I will as campaigns begin kicking into high gear.

    In the meantime, look into those allegations - it's not just a simple video story that one television station picked up on... the allegations are widespread, and you should seriously consider them before donating your time, talent, and energy to such a poor example of what it truly means to lead.

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