Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Iran Plans

Back in 2003, President Bush gave an interivew to (gasp! shocking!) Brit Hume in which he said that he doesn't read newspapers.

Speaking on Monday to a group of students at Johns Hopkins, Bush was compelled to speak regarding the reports of plans moving forward for a nuclear strike on Iran.

"And by the way," he said, "I read the articles in the newspapers this weekend. It was just wild speculation." Chalk it up as yet another lie from President Bush.

Indeed, Seymour Hersh of The New Yorker is not a guy who often gets his story wrong. And his report of plans of an air attack on Iran using tactical nuclear weapons has people talking.

In my opinion, a decision such as this would place Bush beyond the realm of an "impeachable President" and clearly into that of a deranged, detached, and thoroughly unstable criminal.

Here's the situation, as I see it. President Bush laid out the "Axis of Evil" in his State of the Union Address. He lied to the American public to make his case to go to war in Iraq.

The result? No WMDs found, civil war in Iraq, a region further destabilized and made more dangerous than it was before, and a complete and utter loss of credibility throughout the world.

We clearly know now that we were lied to, and that the President already had plans to go to war in Iraq, despite all of the talk of diplomacy.

Now, we see the same stories being fed to the American public regarding Iran as we did for Iraq. The Administration is clearly laying the groundwork for the second stage of their campaign.

And just as it's now become clear that the Bush Administration planned all along to go to war in Iraq, it now becomes clear that war may be inevitable in Iran, so long as Bush heading our government.

So, while we're all looking to Iran, and their claims of enriched uranium, there's another player - North Korea. Put yourself in those shoes for a moment, if you will. Here's a world leader who isn't quite balanced to begin with, and he already has several nuclear weapons at his disposal. He sees the war in Iraq - the United States hitting the first part of the "Axis of Evil." Then he sees plans for a nuclear strike against Iran - number two on the United States' Hit Parade of Places to Attack.

How long will it take an unbalanced leader with nuclear weapons to see the writing on the wall and choose a "defensive pre-emptive strike" against the United States before his weapons are destroyed in an attack by the American aggressors?

Iran's weapons don't yet even exist, and even if they did, they are not capable of reaching the shores of America. This is not to ignore the issue of a nuclear Iran. Clearly, however, the notion of a nuclear strike on Iran should be viewed as nothing short of insanity.

We as American citizens need to be vigilant. More importantly, we need our Members of Congress to be vigilant, as well. We can begin today in an effort to hold the Adminstration accountable for its actions. Congress gets it's turn in 2006.

And let's face it - a man who can't even PRONOUNCE the weapon, shouldn't be able to DEPLOY the weapon.

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