Saturday, April 08, 2006

The "Liberal" Media

As we gear up over the weekend for tomorrow's usual onslaught of news talk shows, I was reminded of this clip from the set of Hardball with Chris Matthews. It wasn't on the air, but I think that obviously makes it all the more telling:

Some of the talk is a little hard to hear, so here's the transcript:
MATTHEWS: Hey thank you for calling me. It was a good thing for me, mostly.

DELAY: Oh really.

MATTHEWS: Oh of course it was. We got on the air as fast as we could....


MATTHEWS: Shannon [DeLay aide] told me, she called me, she said 'don't worry -- he's not calling in to complain'...

MATTHEWS: Have you seen this new focus group stuff on the candidates?

DELAY: No I haven't

MATTHEWS: It's great stuff. I'll send it to you -- it's great -- yeah it's great stuff. Hillary, John Kerry. All these guys, all these democrats, and how they do. And, uh, Frank Luntz did it...

DELAY: who I like...

CM: ...and Hillary did not do well. Kerry did well.

DELAY: You're kidding.

MATTHEWS: I am NOT kidding. They didn't like Edwards -- they thought he was a rich lawyer, pretending to care about poor people...

DELAY: Too slick. Too slick.

MATTHEWS: ...and Hillary was a know-it-all.

DELAY: Nothing worse than a woman know-it-all


MATTHEWS: Thanks. I owe you one. I owe you two -- today and last night.

DELAY: No you don't.


DELAY: I appreciate it.
I really have to laugh anytime the Apologists try to blame their woes on "The Liberal Media." It's almost as laughable as they find the "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy."

Just going through a VERY short list brings people on CNN like Kyra Phillips and Daryn Kagan (Rush Limbaugh's old girlfriend, by the by... where the HELL was I in missing that golden little nugget of nausea??) to MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Tucker Carlson, Dan Abrams, Joe Scarborough. Flip to Fox News and... well, do we HAVE to list all the characters here?? O'Reilly, Hannity, Hume et al... look to the radio for Drudge, Limbaugh, Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage... the list goes on and on. Add in columnists like Coulter and Novak, newspapers, pundits and the list grows and grows and grows.

Am I saying that someone can't make a list of individuals with a liberal bias, as well? Of course they can. So where's the "Liberal Media" that they're talking about? Because as far as I can see, I can make a MUCH longer list in EVERY category of those in the Conservative camp than they would be able to make in the Liberal camp.

Anyone care to take me up on the challenge?

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  • Blogger Mike K posted at 1:01 PM  
    The GOP controls everything and yet this still complain. The Democrats needs to continue to expose these people as the frauds and corporate whores that they are. Of course they will say they are being persecuted when this happens. This is probably the most ridiculous thing. How can someone who makes over six figures complain about being persecuted?

  • Blogger L posted at 11:01 PM  
    it's amazing how they're still spewing out all this horsesh*t. Liberal-controlled media? ha!

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