Thursday, April 06, 2006

Praisn' Da' PTF!

I'm pleased to announce that we have a winner for real in our #10,000 visitor contest that sort of got extended a bit! The Pressing The Flesh Prize Pack goes to Kitten, a regular PTFer who sent in a simply charming little piece of verse, praising PTF and making us smile!

The Prize Pack will be on its way to you, Kitten! And thanks to EVERYONE for making Pressing The Flesh so fulfilling for me!

And without further ado, the winning entry:
Land locked in TX is where I was raised,
Home of the Bush legacy and all their self praise,
Stuck right in the middle of conservative hell,
Oh yes, FAR away from a land of common sense I dwell.

I awake each morning and head out on my way,
Looking for a sign of intelligent life to get me through my day,
Enjoying my morning cup of coffee I know just a quick click away,
PTF will be there to enlighten my day.

The topics are many, not all political in nature,
From rants and raves to something different all together,
Each one written in such an intelligent manner,
From making me laugh to discussing issues that matter.

I check PTF throughout the day,
Enjoying "The week that was", "Flesh Ink Fridays" and ALL the comments made,
I simply can't wait to see what PTF has to say,
To all the "apologists" that wonder this way.

My day is made brighter by PTF in so many ways,
A slice of heaven that speaks to my Liberal brain,
A little corner of cyberspace that is getting bigger by the day,
Thank YOU PTF for savin' my day!

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  • Blogger Kitten posted at 3:23 PM  
    *te he he*
    I go on vacation for a bit and come back to this! WHOOHOO and thank ya! Do I get to tell everyone what the "prize worth dozens of dollars" is when it comes in???

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