Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Could The Week Get Much Better? Couric Leaves My Mornings!

First Tom Delay steps down, and now we hear that Katie Couric is stepping down from the "Today" Show on NBC. OK... OK... it's so that she can make history as the first solo woman to anchor the evening news for a major network... but can we REALLY call CBS a "major network"? And does this job REALLY hold the importance that it did in a pre-cable world?

Word has it that Meredith Viera will be stepping down, as well!! She'll be leaving her post at The View to take Couric's spot at "Today". Poor, poor Matt Lauer.

The best news in all of this? It means that Bob Schieffer can fill his dream job, taking Meredith Viera's old slot at The View, snuggled up close to Star Jones' revitalized breasts. Can you imagine what the studios of The View will smell like with Star Jones, Bob Schieffer, and Barbara Walters all inhabiting the same space?

And the circle of life is complete.

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  • Blogger Lady Cupcake posted at 6:28 AM  
    Now that Katie is going to CBS that means I'll never EVER have to see her even by mistake, but the rest of your scenario makes me get an attack of the giggles AND makes me gag uncontrollably.

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