Friday, March 31, 2006

Tony C. Rudy Follows Abramoff's Lead

Seeing Jack Abramoff get off with the most lenient possible sentence on Wednesday in Florida, former aide to soon-to-be-former Congressman Tom DeLay, Tony C. Rudy, pled guilty today. Rudy obviously hopes to cash in on the same leniency that Abramoff was shown. All he has to do is sing about everything he knows related to the investigation.

PTF filed our profile of Tony C. Rudy back in January, assuming that he would follow Abramoff's lead, and would become a more prominent figure in the investigation. While we would like to see Jack Abramoff receive maximum sentences rather than the seemingly standard minimums being handed out to poiticos these days, we could care less if there is leniency shown to Rudy. That is, as long as it leads to more of the truth coming out about DeLay. DeLay is the big fish, and he's worth the wait.

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