Sunday, April 02, 2006

No More Calls, Please... We Have A Winner... Kind Of...

Well, there's good news and bad news.

The good news is that we've officially marked our 10,000th visitor!

Trumpets blare and fanfare echoes through the blogosphere as the crowds spontaneously erupt into a frenzy.

The bad news is that visitor #10,000 was just surfing through, saw this, and decided to keep on surfing - without claiming the Pressing The Flesh Prize Pack. Obviously, they opted for a different type of "pressing the flesh."

So, now we resort to Plan B.

For the next TWENTY-FOUR HOURS, Pressing The Flesh operators will be standing by to take your e-mails. Tell us what Pressing The Flesh does for you! What's the best part of PTF? What's the one thing missing from our little hunk o' da' blogosphere? Do anything you'd like with your e-mail - be creative, imaginative, pornographic, scholarly... anything you'd like... just get our attention.

The most creative response in to the Editors Desk by 8:30PM East Coast United States Daylight Savings Time on Monday, April 3rd, 2006, WINS the Pressing The Flesh Prize Pack!

So, for all of you people commenting earlier that you were trying to win but didn't hit the right number, now's your chance! If Jack Bauer can save the world in 24, then I'm sure you stand a really excellent chance at winning the Pressing The Flesh Prize Pack!

Get your creative juices flowing.... on your marks... get set..... GO!!!

Oh yeah.. legal disclaimer - sending in an e-mail certifies that you're OK with PTF editors publishing your repsonse on the blog... ya know... so we can show the world just how creative you are, and how much you deserved to win over everyone else! K?

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  • Blogger Lizzi514 posted at 1:34 AM  
    You made my day that you mentioned Jack... He is my hero(havnt missed an episode in 5 seasons!)
    I do regret I was out of town because the email i wouldve sent to win the prize back.. that wouldve gotten some attention at the PTF office!


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