Saturday, April 01, 2006

No April Foolin'!

What happens when you combine my favorite city in the United States with my least favorite food in the world?

It's SPAMARAMA, of course! And it's today!

Every April Fools Day for the last 28 years now, the Festival has been host to the SPAM cook-off, eating contest, a musical celebration called the SPAM Jam, and the Annual Spamalympics.

Anything to Keep Austin Weird!

Another reason today is such a great day? We switch to DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME today! Make sure to switch all your clocks up an hour - this is my favorite time of the year, when daylight begins to linger into the evening, and life seems just a little bit more vital and refreshing.

Not that it's going to convince me to eat SPAM or anything, but it still makes me happy!

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  • Anonymous erwin posted at 8:14 PM  
    Hey, I was there at SPAMARAMA 2006, and I posted about it, here:

    Check out the montage pics. Yep, I can confirm, Austin's Keeping it Weird!

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 8:27 PM  
    Hey Erwin!

    Thanks for the post about Spamarama and the pics... they're both great!

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