Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Man Confident In His Political Beliefs

Russ Feingold rocks.


I always think I'm as sold as I possibly can be on this Senator from Wisconsin, and then he says something else, and I'm excited about the possibilities of a President Feingold all over again.

Today's Washington Post carries an article in which Feingold supports legalizing same-sex marriages. He doesn't dance around the issue. He doesn't couch his beliefs in some mysterious code language that can be seen as many things to many people. He is unapologetically a free thinker, and states his beliefs and ideas clearly, and with conviction.

If the Democrats fail to nominate him as their candidate, which is indeed possible, I truly believe that he would represent the "Perfect Storm" third-party candidate. At a time when people are increasingly frustrated with the slim differences between Democrats and Republicans, Feingold has an appeal that Nader would never be able to conjure. His appeal, already incredibly strong, is growing on a daily basis and would continue to expand as more and more of the country grew to know more about him as a politician and a person.

Run, Russ, Run.

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  • Blogger Daedalus posted at 5:29 PM  
    sadly, he'll be deemed too "liberal" by the establishment dems and won't win the nomination.

  • Blogger the captain posted at 5:58 PM  
    I just joined 'Mass for Feingold.'

    There is hope for us all yet

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 7:07 PM  
    Daedalus - sadly, I think you're right as well. As I said, though, I don't think there's EVER been a better year to launch a third-party campaign than for the 2008 campaign, and Russ might just be the one to make it work.

    Captain - I agree... Russ is the one candidate I think I'd be willing to drop what I'm doing and run off to work on the campaign for a few years.

  • Blogger Brad posted at 1:37 AM  
    Seriously, let the Democrats run Hillary. Then Feingold runs as a third-party, let's call it the Progressive Party, and mops the floor with them all.

    It's a fantasy right now, dammit, but it can happen!

  • Blogger DecemberFlower posted at 2:40 AM  
    Time for the Free-Thinking Party.

    I'd totally be on that boat if it ever happened.

  • Blogger Opinionnation posted at 3:33 AM  
    If the Dems nominate Feingold, Clinton or Gore, they will lose big time. Flesh, you know that I am a Republican...but if the Dems nominate Joe Lieberman, I would most likely vote for him. And I have said so on many occasions

  • Blogger Brad posted at 4:05 AM  
    And not a SINGLE thinking Democrat will vote for him, since he's, you know, NOT A DEMOCRAT. It's the same thing as running Kerry. You clearly do not understand why Kerry lost, it's not because he was too different from Republicans, it's because he was far too similar.

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 4:27 AM  
    Brad... I'm assuming you're talking about Lieberman as the one who Democrats won't vote for. OP can vote for Lieberman if he likes... I agree on one front only - Clinton will lose. I think Gore is a crapshoot that no one really knows anything about because he's been out of the picture (on a regular basis) for so long - he's shed his "stiff as a board" personna but who knows what's really taken it's place.

    In wanting Feingold as the President, I'm not looking for a vote from OP - I'm looking at finally presenting a candidate that a MAJORITY of Americans will gravitate toward, in direct opposition to the current Administration we have in the place, and the desire for SERIOUS change, and not simply a new name on the desk.

    I appreciate you stopping by, though... OP... always nice to have an opposing view to stir things up a bit... misguided as you may be... :)

  • Blogger Opinionnation posted at 4:50 AM  
    I know you are not looking for a vote from me but believe me when I say that Feingold would not have a chance.

    And Brad I understand very well why Kerry lost the '04 election.

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 9:51 AM  
    OP... believe me when I say you're wrong.

    I know it may kill you, but rather than assessing Feingold's chances based on what Limbaugh and Hannity are telling you, you should stroll over to DailyKos or someplace similar and tell me what you read there.

    Ask people if they're supporting the current Democratic leaders, like Nancy Pelosi (who just posted there yesterday), or someone standing up for his beliefs, like Feingold. If you've got the constitution to make the visit, I think you'll be surprised.

    If you REALLY know why Kerry lost, you'll know why Feingold is EXACTLY the right candidate for '08.

    Remember, if you will, where Clinton was positioned prior to the '92 Election, and where he wound up before you count Feingold out.

    Look at Feingold's total package, rather than simply wearing the Apologist-issue blinders that get handed out to protect the current Administration from criticism.

    You'll see a socially liberal, but fiscally centrist candidate who will appeal to a LOT of Americans come the fall of '08.

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