Saturday, August 20, 2005

Wilkerson's Low Point

...and you might think it was that time he was eleven and his dad walked in on him while he was...

But no... this was marked as the low point in his life, says former Powell aide Lawrence Wilkerson. It is staggering, and yet completely unsurprising to continually watch individuals fall out of the Bush Administration, and begin to tell the tales of what happened on the inside.

I find very little worth watching on CNN these days...

(The Situation Room?!? Puh-leese! I won't even link to it - suffice to say that it's Wolf Blitzer with big TVs, shots of Jack Cafferty being "unprepared" like that's somehow edgy, and three hours in the afternoon to kill... oh for the days of Judy Woodruff... but that's a rant for another day)

... but CNN Presents should be a good one this week, as they look at the "intelligence" leading up to the war in Iraq.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 7:27 AM  
    8-Year-Old Boy Dies at Football Practice
    An 8-year-old boy collapsed and stopped breathing while doing exercises at the start of football practice Friday evening, and was pronounced dead a short time later at a hospital.
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  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 8:09 AM  
    Thanks... not quite sure what the eight-year old has to do with Wilkerson and failed intelligence on Iraq, but it's always sad to hear about a kid's death. Thanks for bringing it up...??

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