Saturday, August 13, 2005

Common Sense 101

No partisans here today... just wondering how people can be so bone-headed sometimes.

In this corner, we have the "extremist liberals" feverishly trying to protest the John Roberts nomination. NARAL's ad may have been eye-catching, but it was also wrong. So, what did NARAL's money wind up buying those who oppose the Roberts nomination?

Well, for starters, it once again gave those who oppose the Roberts nomination an "extremist" label. In addition, it reunited groups of Republicans and conservatives who were beginning to cool to the Roberts nomination, given his pro-bono work for the gay community and the like.

Here's an example - prior to the NARAL ad, Rush Limbaugh was on his show saying things like, "There's no question the people on the right are going to say: 'Wait a minute. Wait a minute! The guy is doing pro bono work and helping gay activists?'"

Post-NARAL ad, here's what he's saying - right back on message, spewing his filth once again.

But wait... that's not all. In addition to allowing everyone opposing Roberts to be labeled as "libelous wackos" now, and re-energizing the conservative voice that had backed off of their support for this guy, the ad gave Senator Specter an opportunity to flex his bipartisan muscles a bit, and wind up looking good to everyone. Not only does he get a chance to stick up for his Republican buddies in slapping NARAL, but he does it WHILE AT THE SAME TIME flexing his "hey, I'm pro-choice, too" muscles.

Nice job, NARAL. Well played. This is exactly the fear I had with organizations wanting to oppose ANY nomination the Bush Administration made, rather than carefully thinking through their actions.

NOT TO BE OUTDONE, is President Bush himself. He of the "I still need a map to find my way around the White House, and no wonder I can't recall what I say to Rove - I can't find his office, and can you point me in the direction of Cheney's bunker - I know it's around here somewhere."

I don't care what his political reasons are for not speaking with Cindy Sheehan, but regardless of the politics, he is getting advised in the worst possible manner. He is not only being accused of vacationing while the war in Iraq continues on. It's not only a matter of him taking more vacation than any other President.

Here's the deal - this should have been a non-story. Meet with the woman, give her a hug and some sympathy, and then go on being the uncaring moronic jerk that everyone knows you as.

By not meeting with Sheehan, Bush now has stories out there saying the troops are both coming home AND staying in Iraq.

Articles like this are continuing to appear on a more and more frequent basis.

What was a small group is now turning into hundreds of people camped out, now vowing to stay in Crawford and follow the President to Washington. Daily appearances on all the major news shows are commonplace, and the days are ticking away - how long will it take for Bush to speak to the mother of a dead soldier? How would you like to be wearing THAT around your neck?

President Bush - stop listening to those morons around you and take this simple advice, both for the sake of doing the right thing, as well as for pure pragmatic political reasons - take a damn walk up the driveway and meet with the mother, Bush. I don't care if you've talked with her before... I don't care if you've talked to her five times. She gave her son's life to this country... for that, she should have your cell phone number, let alone an opportunity to speak with you face-to-face.

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