Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Biden McCain in 2008?

Or McCain Biden?!? Or Miden BcCain?? Perhaps McBain Ciden????

I promise I won't post any more Daily Show news for a while, but Stewart actually got a little morsel of "news" from Sen. Joe Biden, his guest tonight, toward the very end of the interview. After mentioning that he would have liked to see Sen. John McCain run with Kerry in '04 (yeah... right... anything to save Kerry's sorry campaign), he mentioned that he would like to run with McCain in '08 (obviously in an attempt to preemptively save Biden's campaign in '08).

The idea of a "non-partisan" ticket is actually very seductive, given the partisan nature of Washington, and the inability for the perpetual logjam to be broken. If only the right two candidates got together.


UPDATE: According to Dionne Warwick's Cosmic Peephole, Senator Biden has a lot of explaining to do, and Senator McCain... well, this seems about right to me. Hmm... on second thought, maybe this isn't going to work out after all.

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