Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Another Tip of the Hat...

So, I was pretty sure that my amazement at AOL and their incredible coverage of Live 8 was going to be a one-time deal.

Today, however, they've taken it to a new level... literally. AOL is covering the launch and mission of the Space Shuttle Discovery, and there are some pretty amazing features that make this unique from any shuttle coverage I've witnessed before.

Later in the day, they will have on-demand video coverage of the launch itself, including seven different camera angles that you can choose to view at any given time. In addition, there will be live 24/7 coverage of the mission as it happens, and a shuttle blog that will have entries by those on the shuttle.

I sat in amazement this morning and watched the view from a camera that was mounted to the shuttle itself - you truly have to view it to appreciate it - behind the shuttle, you literally watch the ground get smaller and smaller, and turn into that traditional view of "Earth from Space" that we all know.

Amazing feat to put a shuttle into space, amazing technology to cover it in this way, and amazing that AOL provides it for free, regardless of whether you're an AOL member or not.... so check it out!

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