Sunday, August 07, 2005


"What? Make a trip to Ohio and talk to families of dead soldiers?"

"Who's at the door? Another mother of a dead soldier? How'd she get here?!?"

"Don't these idiots know that I'm on VACATION??"

Exactly WHAT was that "quality of strong leadership" you admired so much in this man when you voted for him, America?

"Little league on a Friday night? Now THAT sounds like vacation fun - I'll be there!"

Hope he's having a nice vacation... the bastard.

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  • Anonymous damion posted at 9:33 AM  
    the bastard!

  • Blogger Kitten posted at 10:28 PM  
    What??? The leader of our great nation is on vacation in Texas???

    I thought Cheney was still in D.C.???? Guess I need to watch CNN more!

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