Thursday, August 04, 2005

No Novak...

If you want to TRULY see a thing of beauty, watch Robert Novak finally crumble and walk off the set of "Strategy Session", CNN's lame attempt to patch their cancellation of "Crossfire." There is nothing remarkable about the comments prior to Novak walking off the set - James Carville was interrupting Novak (as always), and Novak jabbed at Carville (yawn... as always), and Carville jabbed back (zzzz... as always).

But then Novak just lost it... which I had never seen before.

It was later remarked that Novak was going to be questioned about the Valerie Plame affair. Might he have taken the opportunity to get off set before the questions came?

It's all coming apart... when Novak can't stand the heat, you know things are getting hot.

Oh, by the by... how much do you want to bet that the FCC COMPLETELY looks the other way at this "atrocious infraction" that our children were exposed to in the middle of afternoon, daylight, good-Christian-children-are-watchin' hours?

UPDATE: Mr. Novak.... you may be excused.

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