Friday, August 19, 2005

Reality Rehash

So... God created "most" reality-TV shows, but Survivor was always God's favorite. Go ahead. Ask The Almighty the next time you're talkin'. I love looking at the new group of people slated to air in mid-September and wondering to myself which one will be the next Johnny Fairplay, or Boston Rob, or Stephanie LaGrossa... OK, so Stephanie wasn't necessarily as "iconic" as the others, but her name continues to be one of the singular search strings that for some unknown reason leads to my blog, and I'm a whore - c'mon guys... get a life and leave poor Stephanie alone! Or at least pick someone a bit more current to obsess over.

But I digress....

As a warm-up to the new crew of Survivor, I've been logging some time with OLN as they rerun Survivor Outback. Why watch a reality show when you already know the outcome? Perhaps it's lame, but I find it delicious in a whole new way to go back and watch the interaction of those darling castaways, knowing what their reality is going to be before THEY know it. It sort of becomes a "hyper-reality" show, in a way.

How much fun is it to see Colby before he discovers the world of Schick shaving (Not to mention his fabulous appearance in this weekend's opening of Red Eye)? Keith Famie before he lands his FoodTV show that crashes and burns after four episodes? Jerri Matheney, who... well, just crashes and burns (did she REALLY co-host Extreme Dodgeball?) Amber, working as an independent, prior to the mega-merger of Rob-N-Amber, Inc.? Who knew that that cute perky Elisabeth would wind up married to an NFL quarterback and sitting next to Barbara Walters? Yes, Survivor prepared her well, no doubt.

Yup... this is pure pleasure. The kind of fabulous retread that Bravo's Battle or Kill Realit-E! can never, ever, ever hope to replicate. Ever.

Oh, by the way.... we at PTF are non-denominational, and as such, if you happen to worship that Other God, you'll be happy to know that these shows are being aired once again here. Enjoy. You know who you are.

P.S. - Speaking of reality rehash, check out Futon Critic's blurb on Jay McCarroll's upcoming Bravo special. As one of the seven heterosexual men in America who at least will ADMIT watching Project Runway, I have to also admit that I'll be watching for this, as well.

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  • Blogger ModFab posted at 10:50 AM  
    Yes, we know who we are. Sadly, I don't get the OLN, or I'd be watching far too much old SURVIVOR right with you.

    Can't wait for Jay's special...and your bravery in admitting your love for the show is touching. More straight dudes should love creative arts!

    Are you watching Big Brother? The show is just off the hook this season.

  • Blogger FleshPresser posted at 12:35 PM  
    Unfortunately, I suppose, I have never watched more than a few minutes of Big Brother and haven't even been tempted by the online voyeurism in the house. I guess it's something about watching people locked together in a house that just never grabs me. Big Brother, Real World, Kill Reality, or any of the others where they're all living in a house together... just don't do it for me. I'm sure I'm contradicting myself for some show I watch where people do, in fact, live together (Project Runway comes to mind, but they really don't focus on the "living together" deal, and even then, it's a condo, so it's different).

    Hmmm.... maybe it's the house....

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