Saturday, August 20, 2005

Weekend Puzzler: Jennifer Connelly

OK... so Jennifer Connelly says she likes to do her online shopping while having sex.
So, who should we be worried about? Connelly - exactly WHAT is she shopping for? Should we fret over her hubby Paul Bettany - combine the facts that he's playing Silas in the upcoming Da Vinci Code (I've heard some scary things about the movie thus far, but you've got to admit, the website is pretty cool) and his wife is chatting on the phone and reading while they're having sex... maybe Mr. Bettany isn't as spectacular as once believed to be? Or should we be most concerned about you and I - the common reader, coming across this information and actually pausing momentarily to mentally picture HOW Jenny shops and has sex at the same time. Hmmm.... how, indeed.

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  • Blogger Kitten posted at 10:14 PM  
    My GYYYODDDDD!!! I totally don't care if/when/how she does it....I just wanna look like THAT when I grow up! *wink* Can I, can I, please, please, please.

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