Thursday, July 28, 2005

DOJ in Training???

So, wait... let me get this straight. We need to reauthorize the Patriot Act, including giving courts the ability to seize an individual's personal records from libraries, hospitals and the like (Section 215). We need to make permanent the ability for U.S. agencies to listen in on your phone or computer conversations (Section 206).

The same Department of Justice that so earnestly labels the Patriot Act as vital and critical to our safety THEN has the intelligence to post an Al Qaeda training manual right on its OWN website?

Can ANYONE explain this to me... and quickly, before my head explodes. If it can't be explained, make sure the Senate doesn't take the same action that the House just did.

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Jamboree of the Damned

Mom and Dad,

Wish I could say I was having a great time at this year's Boy Scout Jamboree. Unfortunately, this happened. And now, while we were waiting to mourn that, this happened. What's worse, they say he's rescheduling and coming back tomorrow - Lord only knows what will happen to us next.

Screw sending me the bug spray - I'm on the next bus outta here!


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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Another Tip of the Hat...

So, I was pretty sure that my amazement at AOL and their incredible coverage of Live 8 was going to be a one-time deal.

Today, however, they've taken it to a new level... literally. AOL is covering the launch and mission of the Space Shuttle Discovery, and there are some pretty amazing features that make this unique from any shuttle coverage I've witnessed before.

Later in the day, they will have on-demand video coverage of the launch itself, including seven different camera angles that you can choose to view at any given time. In addition, there will be live 24/7 coverage of the mission as it happens, and a shuttle blog that will have entries by those on the shuttle.

I sat in amazement this morning and watched the view from a camera that was mounted to the shuttle itself - you truly have to view it to appreciate it - behind the shuttle, you literally watch the ground get smaller and smaller, and turn into that traditional view of "Earth from Space" that we all know.

Amazing feat to put a shuttle into space, amazing technology to cover it in this way, and amazing that AOL provides it for free, regardless of whether you're an AOL member or not.... so check it out!

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More of a Whimper Than a Bang...

Well, the fireworks anticipated in the form of Rick Santorum's appearance on The Daily Show turned out to fizzle. The video of the interview will be up on the archives later today, and Towerload has a partial transcript, so you can judge for yourself, but it seems to me that Jon Stewart talks much more comfortably behind people's backs than he does in person. Even in interviews, for all of the insignificant people he skewers so craftfully, it seemed like a wasted opportunity for Jon to pass up a chance at Santorum's satanic verses. Even given the fact that Santorum had announced that he would not seek the Presidency in 2008, you'd think Jon would have tried to make a headline or to grab a quote.

Ultimately, he gave a despicable man an opportunity to line his pockets with some cash, giving free publicity to his book and his free-range discrimination.

Don't get me wrong... I still kiss my poster of Jon hanging over my bed every night before I go to sleep, and I lament the fact that I have to rely on Jon Stewart to even THINK about asking the tough questions that no one else dare ask. And given this bias, I wonder if there wasn't a reason for the softballs being pitched to Santorum.

Earlier in the evening, there was rumor that Santorum was not appearing, and that Maggie Gyllenhaal would be the evening's guest.

It was even up on their website briefly. However, at air time, Santorum was announced as the guest. I wonder, given the audience's booing and hissing during Thursday's show at the announcement of Santorum as a guest, if the audience didn't react similarly on Monday during the taping. Early in the interview, Santorum makes mention of booing, although there is nothing that can be heard.

I wonder if the crowd reacted "properly" when Santorum was introduced (that would be booing, hissing and generally throwing feces in the general direction of the stage area), and Santorum refused to go on with the interview. Perhaps they stopped tape (the interview did seem choppy or edited), instructed the audience to "behave" (the applause when Santorum appeared was some of the weakest I've ever heard on TDS), and then toned it down to make Santorum "comfy."

Again, this is just a theory - but I'd like to believe it rather than think that Stewart couldn't nail this HUGE target to the wall when he had the chance.

UPDATE: Just finished watching the Tuesday TDS, wherein Jon acknowledges the controversy of whether his interview with Santorum "sucked" or "suuuuuuuuucked", and then promises to take down tonight's guest, Diane Lane. Jon, you da man.

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Santorum's Plans for 2008

Well, hopefully THIS will give John Stewart something to gloat about - CNN just reported that Santorum will not be running for President in 2008.Now, if we can get him out of office in 2006, Pennsylvania (and the world as a whole) will be a much, MUCH better place!

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Ass Whooping Tonight! Film at 11:00PM!

If you're not at home, make sure your TiVo is set to pick up Dick Santorum on The Daily Show tonight!! I love John Stewart, but we know that the interviews are not his strong suit - let's hope he brings his "A" Game tonight!

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Loving Me Some Rocketboom!

If you haven't seen Amanda Congdon's great vlog, ROCKETBOOM, well... you're missing out. I was still trying to figure out podcasting when I first heard about the whole vlog thing happening, but her daily reports range from quirky and off-center to wildy funny (make sure you watch for Barney at the end). Check out her drinking game with Scott McClellan. Take a walk through her archives while you're killing time waiting for the end of a hot, humid Monday.

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Post SCO-tal Depression?

I've waited a few days to post thoughts about the nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court. Although this was primarily due to my cable modem being fouled, it also gave a chance to let the dust settle a bit.

So, here goes - in no particular order:

* I guess Bush said "Fuck all that noise" about nominating another woman or the first Hispanic to the Court. John Roberts is W-H-I-T-E!!! And I'm getting real tired of people talking about how "sexy" he is - puh-lease!!! I guess if you compare him to the other bags of decay sitting on the bench, he's friggin' David Hasselhoff, but otherwise - well, let's just say I won't be fantasizing about what's under his robe any time soon.

* Let's get something straight right away - I don't hate John Roberts. I don't think I agree with a LOT of what he does, thinks, or says (from what we've been able to find thus far - he's only been a judge for two years now), but he didn't nominate himself to the Supreme Court. Right? If you want to attack anyone, attack Bush and Rove (more on Rove to follow).

Quick aside - I once worked as an Assitant Director for a show on Broadway. The show ran downtown in NYC and was received VERY well. They were supposed to get a permanent home for their show off-Broadway, and become the next Blue Man Group or Stomp or something, but the space never panned out. They thought they were dead in the water, until a producer came to them and said "Hey, there's a theatre that just opened on Broadway. What would you think about taking the show to Broadway?" Of course, the group leaped at the opportunity - how many chances does an artist have to appear on Broadway, unless you're Jackie Mason, in which case the answer would be "too many." The show, however, didn't have a "Broadway sensibility" and really BELONGED downtown, and as such, it closed in two months.

I bring this up for a reason. John Roberts, like most motivated people, has probably aspired to reach the top of his chosen profession. For him, arguably, the top would be the Supreme Court. So, if someone comes to him and offers him this opportunity, is he wrong to accept the nomination? So, attack the White House, if you like...

* Then again, don't attack The White House, either. Democrats and the large grassroots machines have largely started to settle down and at least wait until the hearings to begin whining again, and I think that's smart. Look, WE lost, remember? Of COURSE Bush was going to nominate a conservative to the Supreme Court. Of COURSE I don't like Robert's views on civil rights, abortion, or the environment, but we supported Kerry, or Nader, or... well, a lot of us just couldn't find the time to get out the vote, or financially support a candidate, or work on a local level to support a candidate... or maybe even vote, could we? Maybe this will serve as yet another wake-up call and we'll get it right in 2008. Then again, how many wake-up calls do we need?

* Democrats DID win with this nomination, in a sense. There was a LOT of talk about Bush trying to place a Miguel Estrada or Priscilla Owens on the Bench. I'm not saying that we should be thankful that we got hit with a hand grenade rather than a Daisy Cutter, but I do believe that there is the potential for John Roberts to become Souter-esque in his opinions. Only time will tell. I do believe, however, that Democratic senators will be smart not to allow the John Roberts hearings to turn into a coronation, but to hold on to their filibuster attempts for the next nominee that comes up. Oh... what... you don't think there's going to be ANOTHER Supreme Court vacancy between now and 2007?? Time for that wake-up call again.

This is tough medicine, ladies and gentlemen, but we knew this was coming. Don't like the way it feels? Good... the 2006 elections are only a Supreme Court vacancy away.... if we wake up, we can change the make-up of the United States Senate prior to the next round of hearings, and THEN maybe we can play it differently.

Meanwhile, let's all do our best to put the focus back on Karl Rove. THIS is where our efforts should be, and where the MUCH larger change can come.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

One More SCOTUS thought....

... prior to the announcement tonight - how surprised would people be if, after all the other names being thrown about, President Bush decided to throw a REAL curveball and announce Fred Thompson as his nominee? After all, wasn't Dick Cheney assigned the task of finding a Vice Presidential candidate? And we all know how that turned out, obviously. I think this is a longshot, but it IS a prime-time news announcement (cueing Law and Order theme music)... seems to suit Fred Thompson just right.

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The names have been flying fast and furiously, and I believe the White House is moving quickly to name a Supreme Court nominee, mainly in an attempt to divert attention away from the fact that the White House will now put up with a certain amount of impropriety in its Administration, so long as no one is actually "convicted" for it. Word on the street is that the nominee's name may appear as early as today, and it won't come a moment too soon for Scott McClellan, who can then start deflecting reporter's questions about an entirely different subject.

According to The Hill, conservatives have already been assured that Alberto Gonzales has been taken off the table. Any hope Democrats had of dodging a bullet by having this "flag-burning, baby-killing liberal" appointed to the SCOTUS - well, go back to smoking your wacky weed.

So, if Gonzales is seen as being "too liberal" then where does the choice fall? There's a lot of buzz about Edith Brown Clement, appointed to the 5th Circuit Court in 2001. She doesn't have an "extreme" track record (at least not one's that's been uncovered as of yet), she's a woman, and in a time when the White House is under considerable heat, they could use some good press that might be generated by an easy confirmation process.

Besides, if they just wait long enough, they'll have another chance to send up a tougher appointee once Rehnquist retires, either voluntarily or otherwise.

Failing Clement, look for Emilio Garza to be a possibility. Garza would fulfill the President's wish to appoint the first Hispanic to the SCOTUS, and is seen as much more conservative than Gonzales. He'd be a tougher confirmation, however, and as such, PTF feels this might be a choice on the list for later.

We'll see... stay tuned...

UPDATE: The suspicions are confirmed - President Bush will be making his choice known at 9:00PM ET tonight. Funny timing to tuck the announcement neatly in between Average Joe: The Joes Strike Back and I Want To Be A Hilton, but it somehow seems appropriate announcing right before Big Brother.

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Heart and Minds

Obviously, Rep. Tom Tancredo has some innovative thoughts on winning the hearts and minds of the Muslim population around the world. There are times when I swear people could NOT be this stupid, and that someone must be making the story up, obviously not content to munch on Karl Rove's ass. Of course, you MIGHT think someone was making it up, until you heard it for yourself.

Comments like these are made, but then when a celebrity dares to make a comment like somehow we might be bringing these attacks and hatred on ourselves, the world jumps up in arms about how awful that is. Well, just listen to this idiot from Colorado again, and tell me how Maggie Gyllenhaal is so wrong in what she said?

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It's Great to Have Fans!

Wow... put a little extra time into the blog, and look what you get in return? Fan photos! Seeing as how this is my first "blog booster" (or maybe "blog bustier" would be more appropriate?), I thought it only appropriate to share. Hey, if ModFab can have his Friday Hot Guy Blogging, then who am I to argue?

Enjoy, PTFers!

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

May I quote you?

In the return of my weekly feature for the weekend, the no-brainer, hands-down, got to be the one quote for the week in review has to come from none other than Mr. Scott McClellan, White House Press Secretary. While not an exact quote, I thought it would be more fun to create an amalgam quote from his various press conferences, voiced once again by the smooth, sexy voice of Cool Dictionary.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Good News From The Keystone State

So, it's been a good couple of days - Karl Rove and the Administration are being slammed against the ropes (it's been a real joy to read Americablog and Daily Kos for the past few days), the sheer orgasmic delight of watching reporters grow a backbone at McClellan's press briefings, and then we get word of a new poll out by Quinnipiac, showing that Pennsylvania isn't quite as blinded as I thought it was.

Among other things, the poll shows Casey comfortably ahead of Santorum 50-39, in what is arguably one of the most important Senate races in 2006. Despite this margin, Santorum once again defended comments he made about the city of Boston being a nurturing environment for pedophiles. I guess Rick isn't too concerned about that Presidential bid he once contemplated, and has taken to making wholesale enemies wherever he can.

The Quinnipiac Poll also shows:

* By a 64 - 27 percent margin, Pennsylvania voters say President George W. Bush should not nominate for the U.S. Supreme Court someone who would overturn the historic Roe v Wade decision.

* 53 percent of Pennsylvania voters say that Sen. Arlen Specter, in his position as Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, should consider a Supreme Court nominee's position on issues such as abortion and the death penalty.

* Voters disapprove 53 - 44 percent of the job President Bush is doing, virtually unchanged from April 20.

None of this concludes that Democrats are out of the woods, or in any way ready to take advantage of these opportunities as of yet, but there's a light.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Now That You're Comforted...

My good friend over at ModFab stumbled on to The Death Clock today, a calculator that presumes to tell you when you'll die.

In order to present a few more opinions, I offer a few other "death calculators" available out there - maybe we can just average all of our results and then add a few years, because we're all such swell folks?

And if you're really looking to "kill" a few minutes before the end of the day, check in and watch the rate at which others die.

Ugh. Make sure you watch The Daily Show tonight.

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Those Little Comforts....

It always seemed quaint, old-fashioned, and well... a bit fuddy-duddy-ish to me thinking about my parents looking forward to their evening ritual of watching the news at 11:00PM, and then falling asleep on the couch watching Johnny Carson.

It was something that clearly separated their generation from mine.

Well, now as my child grows up, I'm wondering if he'll think the same of me as I wait restlessly until The Daily Show with John Stewart arrives each night. Truly, I can't find a better analogy - but I can say that for the past week and a half or so, I've grudgingly watched the re-runs over and over again as the show settles into its new studios on 52nd and 11th in NYC (former home of the Food TV studios - wonder if they got the stench of Emeril's Essence out of there?), adamant in my belief that old TDS is better than no TDS.

Well, last night they finally returned to new episodes, and although the new studio seems a little bit forced (I like the desk arrangement for political and media guests, but I'm not quite sure how John's celebrity guest interviews are going to work there?), it's like having a good friend back home.

I'll relate a "Pressing the Flesh" moment I had with John Stewart. I was working on an event at Town Hall for The Creative Coalition called "Seconding the First", which featured 50-60 celebrities reading passages from banned literature and the like - a celebration of The First Amendment.

There was a moment as I was running from one side of the theatre to the other and turned the corner. As I did, John Stewart walked in front of me and we both stopped for a moment, obviously to avoid the impending collision. "Hi, John," I said, and he returned my greeting. Quickly, I raced onward to the other side of the stage.

It wasn't until later that I really analyzed that moment and realized that in a knee-jerk moment, I didn't freeze and think to myself "Omigod... it's John Stewart... you're my hero!" or anything like that. To the contrary, it was the most natural thing in the world to simply say "Hi, John" as though I'd known him, albeit not well, but well enough to simply say hi and move on.

I can only imagine that it's that level of comfort that ultimately make people like Walter Cronkite or Johnny Carson transcend their talents and become welcome members of our extended families, and I can only imagine that it's the comfort my parents wished for at the end of their long day.

Hi, John. Nice to have you back.

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Monday, July 11, 2005

Are The Walls Crumbling?

By this point in the day, most have seen Michael Isikoff's Newsweek article, turning the heat up on Karl Rove and the Administration. Bush took office, of course, promising to return honor and integrity to the White House... remember? And remember what he said he would do once he found the person responsible for the leak? Remember what McClellan said?

Did anyone catch The Mail's Sunday revelation of the plan to withdraw troops from Iraq?

Do Democrats need a blue dress to proceed?

P.S. - the image from above? Published initially in 2003... not 2005.

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Saturday, July 09, 2005

You Heard It Here Fourty-Seventh....

Well, those slicky, tricky little "Court Sources" told Bob Novak, and Bob Novak told Drudge... and everyone else, of course. You KNOW how Bob can be with his sources. A few hours go by and he told two thousand friends, and they told their friends, and so on and so on and so on... well, let it be said that we did NOT receive announcement of the resignation of Chief Justice (and Drama Queen) William Rehnquist this evening, as was predicted.

But trust me... it's coming. By the end of the day on Monday. I think. Maybe. We'll see.

Speaking of SCOTUS in the news, is it not hysterical that Bush called Fred Thompson to "usher in" his Supreme Court nominee? I just have this picture in my head of George sitting on the couch in the residence, the TV turned on, his eyes glazed over until he hears the words "Law" and "Order" mentioned, and then it ALL comes together for him!

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May I Quote You?

I think I'm going to try this as a new weekly feature and see how it goes. Each weekend, I'm going to present some of the more inane quotes I can find, and have them read to you by the smooth, suave voice of Cool Dictionary. I dunno... this may be great, and it may just be.... well it may just BE.

I thought we'd kick it off this week with quotes from our favorite Man on Dog Senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum. Obviously, this man provides such a wealth of material to choose from, but I thought I would begin with a few choice boneheaded thoughts from the Most Loathed on the occasion of his new book, It Takes A Family, released earlier in the week. Listen now, and enjoy the sounds of Santorum BEFORE (March 2, 2005) and AFTER (May 19, 2005).

Then, as a nice little after-dinner mint, here's a quote from Mary Carey, speaking about being invited to dinner with President Bush.

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The Weekly Memo

If you haven't discovered Chad Fifer's The Weekly Memo, a part of The Simon Magazine - well, please take a few moments to discover it. Please partake of this great exchange between Howard Dean and Dick Cheney. If you don't agree that it's one of the funniest things you've read in a long time, then I direct your attention to the conversation between President Bush and Sandra Day O'Connor.

Look... you need to get your laughs while you can these days, so enjoy. Less we need any more proof of this, I would direct you to the sobering and chilling thoughts put forth by Matt Hutaff, speaking about the motives behind the attacks in London.

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Friday, July 08, 2005

When Bloggers Go Bad...

File this story under "Things To Make Your Flesh Crawl..."

As it turns out, Joseph Edward Duncan III, the convicted sex offender accused of kidnapping those two children in Idaho and suspected in the murder of their family, is a blogger.

His blog, Blogging the Fifth Nail, contains entries up until May 13, 2005 - about four days before the kidnappings and murders took place.

I feel VERY odd blogging about this, but I bring it up for several reasons:

* While his entries are very sad, pathetic, scary, and just plain odd, the creepiest part is looking at the comments that people leave - the first few are comments from the time of the original post. Then, you clearly see a line that goes past when the story broke, and the shift in comments at that point. And while Joseph Edward Duncan III is certainly a scary man, the vitriol and hatred and violence spewed in these comments is certainly every bit as scary;

* To my knowledge, this is an ongoing investigation, and yet a wide variety of media spanning the spectrum chose to run with this blog story - everyone from The New York Times to Fox News. SO, if this IS an ongoing investigation, isn't the blog a crime scene of sorts? Why is it still up, with the ability for anyone to not only look at it, but contribute to it in the form of commentary?

* The posts that most of the reports focus on are the last few, as he's getting closer to the date of the kidnapping and murder. But this blog is TWO YEARS OLD. Go take a look at the very first post , and then randomly choose any other posts along the way. If you've ever wondered what goes through the mind of an individual who is capable of such deeds... well, here it is.

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

7/7 - A Bloody Seventh

I've been moved beyond words for most of the day today, and so rather than trying to capture the moment, I found this group on Flickr that captures the moments in photos and the words of those blogging from London. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, London.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Impressive Concert You DIDN'T Hear About....

Yes, I know.... everyone was talking about THE concert this past weekend, Live 8. But Philadelphia hosted not only Live 8 on Saturday, but the Philadelphia Freedom Concert and Ball on July 4th, on the very same stage.

First of all, before saying another word, all praise must go to the City of Philadelphia (a city that I'm not typically enamored with) for hosting the largest, FREE outdoor HIV/AIDS awareness event ever held. It's one thing to host a big July 4th concert - lots of cities do that. But to raise awareness and money like they did on this day was truly a wonderful sight. BIG kudos also go to the Philadelphia ABC affiliate, WPVI, for covering the entire concert, commercial-free, and with class and style. WPVI is largely seen in the Philadelphia area as the "frumpier" network in the market, and they probably took a significant amount of heat in making their decision to air this concert live and uninterrupted, so hats off to them for their courage and commitment!

And the music - DAY-UMN!! Sir Elton John plays what seems like a 45-minute rendition of "Rocket Man"... OK, Elton, we get it... you're the Rocket Man. But his electric set capped off an incredible night of music featuring Bryan Adams, Rufus Wainwright, the Philly Pops, and appearances by Wayne Brady, Bruce Vilanch, and Walter Cronkite.

The evening, however, belonged to Patti LaBelle. She performed only two songs, including "Lady Marmelade" of course (which went on for a very extended time and featured men that she had brought up on stage with her), but she tore that stage up in the time she had, simply put. Anyone who thinks to casually throw around the label "diva" to Mickey-Mouse-Club rejects has clearly never seen Ms. LaBelle perform.

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Take My MTV... I Don't Want It Anymore...

I grew up in the "I Want My MTV" generation, but it's official - it's not mine anymore, and I'm putting it out on the front curb with a homemade sign reading "PLEASE TAKE - FREE!"

After the ABYSMAL coverage of this past weekend's Live 8 concerts, you have to scratch your head and wonder how this network, once hailed as the cutting edge of music on television, could be so bone-headed, apathetic, and simply ignorant in their plan of attack for covering this historic event?

And who knew that the heroes of the day would be AOL? Their live online streaming non-interrupted-by-commercials-or-phony-VJs coverage attracted over five million viewers. And while I'm not here to heap piles of praise on AOL, you've got to love the fact that they didn't sequester their coverage for their membership only. Their coverage was placed on their general website, free of charge and available to anyone.

Beyond that, they've kept the full streams of each of the concerts up and running for another six weeks. In addition to the streams, they've now catalogued many of the performances for on-demand consumption - if you haven't checked it out, please take a look at what MTV didn't want you to see.

PTF picks: Coldplay, "In My Place" (gotta watch it if for no other reason than to see Gwyn holding Apple in her arms, with precious pink sound protection over her ears - ugh!); Green Day, "Holiday" (their whole set was pretty fabulous); REM, "Man on the Moon" (gotta check Stipe's bizarre blue mask); Black Eyed Peas, "Get Up, Stand Up" (with the Marleys); Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here" (for the sheer historic nature of it all); and Stevie Wonder's entire set. The point being, there was SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC here on this one day, and the opportunity to cover it was largely squandered, except by AOL.

Go check them out before you have to pay for the CD/DVD box set, and see what the concerts were REALLY like.

UPDATE: I just found a link on AOL's site that links to a listing of every performer in London, Philly and Toronto - so in addition to the highlights, you can check out the stuff that no one even mentioned on MTV! In London, check out Scissor Sisters, a fave of ModFab; in Toronto you MUST check out GREAT BIG SEA, an undiscovered jewel, if you haven't already discovered them; check out the full list - you'll be amazed at the number of people you had no idea were playing at Live 8!

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Stephanie LaGrossa Doesn't Live Here....

In looking through the people who have been visiting PTF during the month that I've been away, the #1 search query has been people looking for naked photos of Stephanie LaGrossa, of Survivor fame. Now, let's be clear... I mentioned Stepahnie (and...well...OK... my true love for her) back in APRIL - but she was voted off the island, folks... and the whole damned show is OV-AH!! Move on, people! Stephanie, if you're reading this, I think you're fab, but for the rest of you - puh-leese! Take the five minutes it would take you to perform yet another Google for poor clothed Stephanie, and choose any ONE of these actions to save our Supreme Court. It'll be a more productive use of your time, and Stephanie would thank you, I'm sure!

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And Away We Gooooo.....

.... or you might have thought that I WENT away, after the long hiatus. It has literally taken me over a month to correct a problem with my hard drive (sounds like SUCH a personal problem), but it's fixed, and so we're off to Press the Flesh once more, so without further ado....

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